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4 Ways Google Can Bring You More Patients

Is your calendar looking a little empty? What IS the secret to filling your waiting room with new patients? It’s the question that dogs every   Read more >

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The SEO Patient Attraction Formula

Are you tired of staring at an empty or partly filled waiting room? Want to fill it with patients already pre-sold on the value of   Read more >

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URGENT – Warning from Google!

From today’s New York Times, “Many businesses could wake up to discover their search engine ranking downgraded.” Read more: As we wrote you earlier   Read more >

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READ THIS – Warning from Google!

Google is about to make some changes that will impact your income dramatically. If you don't take action in the next month or two, your   Read more >

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Why Your SEO Isn’t Working

Want more patients so you can grow your practice? Did you know that you can double your revenue, adding another $500,000 or more in income   Read more >

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Which Words Attract More Audiology Patients

Quick question? What’s the best way to sell more hearing aids? How can you attract more patients to your practice? It’s common knowledge that people have a negative image of hearing aids, and no one wants to be labeled as a person   Read More >

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What is a UBL Webcard and How is it Useful to Me?

UBL stands for Universal Business Listing. You've probably never heard of them, but they are the biggest player in the distribution of business data to   Read more >

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What is a citation and why does it matter to my practice?

In internet marketing lingo, the term citation refers to a mention of your Name, Address and Phone somewhere on the internet. A structured citation is   Read more >

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Why do you submit my data to directory websites?

There are three main reasons to submit your practice details to as many online directories as possible. 1) Each additional listing is one additional place online that a patient may   Read More >

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Where to List Your Medical Practice Online

I get questions all the time about should I be listed in directory listings like and similar sites. I do recommend your have a   Read more >

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