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The Dos and Don’ts of Online Patient Reviews

Is your audiology clinic or medical practice struggling to get positive online patient reviews? Maybe the online review software is too complicated to figure out.   Read more >

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More Patient Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

What’s the one hurdle to getting new patients in the door? What’s the one thing that’s keeping you from having as many patients as your   Read more >

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How to Build Trust and Grow Your Practice

What’s worth more, the money you get for helping a patient or their trust in you? One helps you pay the bills, the other—a patient’s   Read more >

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3 Ways To Fix Your Practice’s Online Reputation Today

Last weekend, I was out with friends and we were looking for a restaurant to try. We walked by one restaurant where the menu looked   Read more >

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7 easy ways to get more 5 star patient reviews

Imagine just for a minute, that every satisfied patient that you helped sent you a new patient. What would that mean for your practice? How   Read more >

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2 Steps to Instant Patient Referrals

What’s the best way to attract more patients to grow your medical practice? Patient referrals is the short answer. The problem is most practice owners   Read more >

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The Top 3 Ways to Attract Patients

What’s the one question every practice owner asks themselves almost daily? It's, "How can I attract more patients and continue to grow my practice?" Before   Read more >

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How to Attract Patients? Build Trust

Jane recently asked me for some ideas for getting into her potential patients’ minds and earning their trust. It's a great question, one I get asked frequently. Read More >

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What’s the #1 Way to Attract More Patients?

Imagine if every person in your town with a hearing problem was either telling their friends how much your practice had helped them or was   Read more >

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Attract More Patients With Yelp

Yelp is the most important review/directory site that business owners need to pay attention to after the three largest search sites - Google, Yahoo, Bing.   Read more >

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