Medical Marketing
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Who We Are

We’re medical practice builders and we help our clients attract more patient leads and profits. We connect patients with medical practices to improve lives. We’re specialists in digital marketing strategies, and specializing has enabled us to get astounding results. Last year our practices received 233,743 calls from patients. On average, our clients see a 13% increase in new patients calls or 19 new patient leads per month.

“I was skeptical too, until I saw how much your marketing systems helped our practice grow.”

Cynthia Earle
Asheville Audiology Services

“We're getting 5 times as many patients from the web, worth $20,000 per month…”

Sean Pendel,
Audiology Associates and Hearing Aids Today,
Nashville, TN

“Increased sales by $73,000 in one month!”

Greta Ratliff, Owner,
Hear In Kentucky Hearing Centers,
Louisville, KY

“Your physician referral system is fantastic. We’re receiving referrals from places we have never even heard of before.”

Stefanie G., Office Manager/Physician Liaison,

“Your Internet marketing is our number one source of new patient calls. Highly recommended!”

Jeannette Hait,
Hearing Aid HealthCare,
Palm Desert CA

“Saved our practice $20,680 last year while doubling our sales…”

Ram Nileshwar, Au.D., Owner,
The Hearing Center of Lake Charles, LA

"We started using MedPB's Facebook Ads program and in 30 days we generated 15 appointments and sold $10K in hearing aids. We highly suggest MedPB for your marketing needs."

Maggie McKeon,
Audiology Associates of Westchester,
White Plains, NY

“My front desk staff are converting more calls to appointments. The system works amazingly well.”

Lori Trentacoste, Au.D.,
Island Better Hearing,
Melville, NY

What We Do

We’ve built and use proprietary lead generation software, responsive website designs, patient review software, SEM and SEO systems, blogging, and PPC to generate leads.

We’re in for the long haul with our clients, focused on helping them build their revenue. We meet regularly with our clients to review and verify results; we think our clients should know what they are getting for their marketing dollars.

How Do We Get Such Amazing Results?

We specialize in online marketing services that we know will get results — new patients calling — for medical practices. We’ve been focused on online lead generation for almost 20 years. Charlie Cook, our CEO, was doing search engine optimization (SEO) before Google became a verb.

MedPB is staffed by experts in local search, in SEO and PPC, and in writing, designing and developing for lead generation. We are continually testing new tools and tweaking our tactics to provide even more new patients for our client practices. The results speak for themselves.

Our Core Values

Making a Difference

We help medical practices prosper, thrive and improve lives.

Having Fun

We create inspiration, camaraderie, fun and fulfilling work for our team.


Curiosity about new ideas is built into our work week so we can continue to improve everything we do.


Our success is built on teamwork and collaboration within MedPB, with our clients and our partners.

100% Responsibility

We take full responsibility for results within the team, with clients and with partners.

Why Our Clients Leave Their Competitors In The Dust

There are two simple reasons our clients attract more patients than their competitors.

MedPB is based on a simple concept. Online marketing is based on science, and getting results is anything but random. Results are based on testing, tracking and continuous improvement. We’ve been doing those for 20 years now, to provide the highest rate of return on marketing dollars in the industry for our clients. We’re veterans and specialists in digital marketing.

Attracting patients successfully month after month requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail. But at MedPB™ we’re committed to generating results — exceptional numbers of new patient leads — for our clients. See, our secret sauce, our Un-Management Core Principles.

How We Got Started

The seeds of MedPB were planted in 2005 when our founder Kevin St.Clergy produced an original video and offered it to audiologists to use on their websites to educate potential patients. As the word spread, the company received more and more requests for website design, SEO, PPC and advice about making successful audiology and hearing aid practices even more prosperous. In 2012 Charlie Cook joined to manage MedPB’s continued growth.

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