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Is Your PPC Campaign Bleeding You Dry?

Pay-per-click advertising can put you at the top the page in the search engines and get your phone ringing — or it can bleed your budget dry. Most medical PPC ad campaigns don’t actually get patients to contact your practice. They are designed to generate activity and to get you to spend as many advertising dollars as you’re willing to throw at them.

The typical PPC program focuses on generating views and clicks, but not on generating phone calls or forms filled in. It’s like ordering a juicy hamburger and being served only the bun.

Advantage PPC AdsTM generate more new patient calls. On average, our PPC clients get 62% more patients calling compared to results from other leading PPC services. One of our clients, for example, went from zero new patient calls per month to 53 per month.

The most powerful audiology PPC management software

We’ve been developing pay-per-click software for over a decade, and we’re continually improving ours so your ads get the highest number of new patients calling. The way we see it, getting a new patient to click on your ad is only the first step. The second is getting them to pick up the phone and call your practice so you can schedule the appointment. Advantage PPC AdsTM software shines at both, so you’ll be talking to more new patients.

Avoid PPC scams with Advantage PPC AdsTM

We rely on the outstanding results of our Advantage PPC AdsTM software to keep clients coming back each month. Advantage PPC AdsTM outrank the competitions’ ads on a host of measures, from clickthrough rates to calls generated to cost per ad. We think the long-term contracts other firms lock you into are a bad idea, and we only charge month to month.

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Advantage PPC AdsTM

Set the ad spend you want

Higher than average clickthrough rates

62% more patients calling

Lower cost per ad

Case Studies

Maico Hearing Center

Zero to 64 Calls From Inception


61% increase in Organic Traffic Since Inception.


Colonial Center for Hearing

400% Increase in Calls


220% Growth in Traffic


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