Forget-About-Your-Audiology-LogoQuick question?

What’s the best way to sell more hearing aids? How can you attract more patients to your practice?

Many people have a negative image of hearing aids and associate it with getting older.

So what is the answer for your practice and your online marketing?

It seems at almost every major audiology conference we attend, there is one luminary, one “expert” speaker who will tell you that you need to stop talking about hearing aids, hearing problems, hearing tests and hearing assessments.

A couple of these “experts” will tell you that the field needs to transition to talking about helping patients get connected and helping them live better. And to talk about “hearing devices” or “communication issues” – whatever those are.

It’s true, no one wants to stick a hearing aid in their ear – but that’s not because it’s called a hearing aid. That’s just left over from when people used hearing trumpets or when hearing aids looked like a small kitchen appliance strapped to your head.

Typically after one of these industry conferences, our phones start ringing. We get a flood of calls from practice owners who tell us to have our team remove the words, “hearing aids” and “hearing problems” etc from their marketing and from their audiology websites.

Good idea or bad?

We’re going to go with really BAD. Actually, potentially fatal to your practice.
Here’s why…

When your patients decide to look for a hearing expert, they don’t type in the words, “hearing devices” or “communication difficulties.” They still search for phrases like “hearing aids,” “hearing loss,” “ringing in my ears,” “hearing tests,” etc…

Take these out of your marketing plan, and instead of attracting more patients – by following the advice of some head in the clouds flavor of the month expert – you’ll be killing your practice.

What should you do instead to attract more patients?

1. Stick with the keyword phrases patients currently use to find their local hearing expert.

2. Once you have the attention of a prospective patient, show them the benefits, how much more connected they’ll be, and how much better their life will be. Focus your marketing on the lifestyle you are selling, not the hearing aids.

3. Most importantly, educate your prospective patients on hearing loss and hearing aids. Help them understand it’s as common as coffee drinkers. And that with the new technology, they can live better without looking like a dweeb – given how discreet hearing aids are today.

Then, educate prospective patients to eliminate their misperceptions about hearing aids.

Looking for some no-nonsense help attracting more patients, based on science, not hearsay?

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Did you know when toothpaste was first introduced, no one used it, despite the clear health benefits?

The solution? In the 1920’s Pepsodent introduced a minty flavor to make it taste better. They didn’t stop calling it toothpaste. The result? Sales skyrocketed.

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