Online Audiology Marketing Gone Wrong

The words "Web Marketing" highlighted among online marketing keywords

Do you have a website?

Want it to help you attract more patients, increase appointments, and sell more hearing aids?

Make sure you don’t make the following mistake.

It could quickly destroy your online marketing, and turn off your website as a lead generator, essentially forever.

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Last night I got an alert email from our SEO team about a new member’s site that was seeing some strange spikes in traffic.

Now you might think more web traffic is a good thing, but in this case 95% of the visitors who came to this particular audiology practice’s site left instantly. Which usually indicates that the web site had little to do with what the people who found it were searching for.

In the Search Engine Optimization world this is called the “Bounce Rate” and it’s one of things we track. And when we see a bounce rate of 95% we know something is very wrong.

Which means that despite getting a lot of traffic, it wasn’t converting into real visits or interest. Not a good thing at all.

Where was all the traffic coming from?
Why was the bounce rate so high?

Our Director of SEO was curious too, so she investigated further and found the following. She looked at what the people who left the site were searching for when they found the link to this audiology practice’s website.

What would you guess?
– Hearing Aids
– Hearing problems
– Tinnitus
– Audiology
or something related?

That would have been logical. But here’s what she found.

Someone was sending this audiology practice web traffic for searches for the following two keyword phrases: ‘body parts’ and ‘restaurant owners’.

No, I’m not making this up.

As a result, Google is pretty confused about what this audiology practice’s website is about and it’s hard to find for the keywords the practice owner wanted people to find it for – you know, like for “hearing aids”. Definitely not good if you want to grow your practice.

How could this happen?

Fortunately we don’t see it too often, but typically it’s due to someone at a practice responding to a low cost ad to increase traffic. Which in fact the service does, it just turns out it’s not the right kind of traffic and can sink your online marketing efforts.

The result is, by trying to save a few bucks some practice owners destroy the reputation they are trying to build, or worse, had spent years building. Which is what this practice owner had inadvertently done prior to signing up with Kevin and I.

You see, once your website is associated with keywords like “body parts” or “restaurant owners” it’s almost impossible to get traffic for hearing aids or your other related keywords. Even if it’s been a source of patients in the past, it’s pretty much ruined.

It’s like putting poison in a well. You can’t drink from it for years to come and you’d need to pay large for bottled water to be delivered to your home.

So what should you do?

If you’re thinking about using your website to attract more patients, make sure you’ve done your homework and sign up with someone who knows what they are doing.

If you’re interested in what does to help our members, when you talk to Kevin, ask to see the video from our Director of Online Marketing.

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