What If The Grinch Ran Your Practice…

the grinch looking at snow

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like ask you to suspend reality for a moment and imagine Santa is real. Imagine elves make toys and that…the Grinch ran your practice.

You know the character Dr. Seuss invented. “The bitter, grouchy, cave-dwelling creature with a heart ‘two sizes too small’ who lives on snowy Mount Crumpit, a steep high mountain just north of Whoville.” Sounds a bit like Dickens’ Scrooge but more colorful.

You’ll need to overlook the fact that Dr. Seuss isn’t actually a doctor either, never completed his doctorate but got married instead. What was he thinking?

I know I’ve never actually met him, but here’s what I imagine your practice would look like if the Grinch ran it.

  • You’d work dawn until dusk
  • You wouldn’t have time to eat a real breakfast or exercise before work.
  • You’d see patients with barely a break all day long.
  • Your schedule would be so packed you wouldn’t always have time even to eat lunch.
  • You’d feel overwhelmed, worn out and underpaid.
  • You’d be more concerned about your reps income than yours.
  • You’d feel overworked and underappreciated.
  • And if anyone asked you what you do for fun, you’d draw a blank. Ouch!

Hold on for a second. Let me ask you a question. Does any of the above sound familiar?

Now I know you’re not the Grinch, but could it be he’s taken over your practice?

Just like in Dr. Seuss’ 1957 story, there can be a happy ending.

The secret to making your practice more fun and profitable is to start with your goals and how you structure your week and your day.

Consider the options for structuring your practice.

A. Plan your practice around hearing aid sales. E.g. always being open and always managing every minute around your patients needs and neglecting your own.

B. Plan your practice around creating a joyful life, one filled with fun where you help patients transform their lives. You as the expert not as a lackey.

Which is actually what you want?

Which is going to help you have a more satisfying and rewarding life?

Hint: There aren’t any rules written that say you can’t prosper and have fun too. Want examples… Talk to us. If you’re a member, just ask me about it on our next coaching call.

Not a member? Talk to Us to schedule your free consultation.

Happy Holidays!