Big Box Stores Don’t Want You to Know This

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In March, we posted about how to avoid having discounters kill your practice, and it struck a nerve. BIG TIME.

In fact, it’s one of the most well-read posts we’ve ever written.

Obviously, audiology and hearing aid practice owners like you are worried about having the big box store discounters steal your patients.

But what we didn’t realize was that these same discounters, even though they sell billions of dollars of merchandise a year, are so determined to wipe your practice out, that they don’t want anyone to know the simple secrets we shared – you know, the ones that could help you prosper.

A few weeks ago at AAA in Anaheim, Kevin was approached by the VP of one of these discounters, whose name I can’t mention here as you’ll see.

The VP was upset that we’d told the truth about their strategy and threatened Kevin with legal action because he/she doesn’t want us helping audiology and hearing aid practices succeed, even if it in no way impacts the discounters market.

What this VP failed to understand is that, there is room for both big box discounters and for audiology and hearing aid practices to prosper.

The simple concept is that some people want the low-end and low-service option, and clearly big box stores and discounters that provide this are here to stay.


At the same time, there is a huge opportunity for the audiology and hearing aid practices that understand it makes no sense to compete against these guerrillas.

These discounters will never offer the personalized and high quality service that a small clinic or practice can offer.

The simple secret to keeping your practice growing (as I mentioned in the previous email) is to focus on the people who hate the big discounters like XXXXXX (whoops, can’t name names and risk legal action) and the minimal service and quality they provide.

There are plenty of patients for you, if you know how to position your practice and attract them. Start by focusing your audiology marketing on the benefits of your size, your quality, your expertise… and you.

Want to know your biggest competitive advantage?

It’s the strength and number of relationships you have with patients and suppliers. Relationships – as in business, but also as in people who know you as a person.

Once you realize this simple idea, I can guarantee you’ll be more successful because big chains don’t build lasting relationships with patients like you do.

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You know if one of your biggest competitors doesn’t want you to know something, it’s probably that it could help you.

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