Tipping Point: What We’re Most Concerned About in the Near Future

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In the next two months, U.S. audiology and hearing aid practices will throw away $12 – $24 million dollars and continue to see their market share erode.

They’ll spend money on a website, online marketing, direct mail, and advertising that does little to attract patients… which is primarily a drain on their finances.

At the same time, a few savvy practice owners will use a secret strategy to steal patients.

Before I reveal their secret strategy, let me tell you a funny and illustrative story.

A few years back when I lived in Alabama, I had a round magnifying mirror that I’d stuck on the medicine cabinet to help with shaving. When I moved to Austin, I forgot to pack it. Recently, I decided to replace it. I looked on Amazon, found a 6” diameter one that was amazingly cheap and ordered it.

When I got it, I stuck it on my medicine cabinet only to find that it not only distorted my image so much I could barely recognize myself in the mirror, it inverted my image so my face appeared upside down. Not so useful.

Why am I telling you this?

Because just like my mistaken purchase of a cruddy mirror, audiology practices are spending money on stuff that doesn’t work, websites, online marketing, direct mail, and advertising.

This is not to say you shouldn’t buy or use a mirror or a website, online marketing, etc. Obviously a quality mirror can work and the same is true for your marketing.

Want to know the big secret about most marketing?

Hardly anyone is tracking whether it actually works to generate an appointment, which is the precursor to seeing a patient and a sale. Sure, there are tons of online marketing and direct mail marketing firms out there who are happy to have you pay them… but for what?

99% of marketing firms aren’t tracking whether the services you are paying for are actually generating appointments and sales. Sure, they may track traffic, but none are connecting the dots to appointments. Which means you have no way of knowing what’s working or not… and in most cases it’s not.

Tracking traffic, calls, and appointments is essential to effective marketing. Shockingly – to our knowledge, we are the only ones who track the full marketing cycle through to appointments set and use it to continue to improve the results we provide.

If you want to avoid throwing your marketing dollars away, tracking is the secret. We track online traffic, number of calls from member websites, and we listen to the calls to see how many resulted in appointments. Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it’s the secret strategy that enables our savvy practices owners to, on average, attract twice as many patients as most practices.

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