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Want more chiropractic patients?

Unlock the unique patient-centric methodology that gets results.

At MedPB we understand that the key metric for chiropractors isn’t clicks, page views or ad impressions. We know the health and wellness of your practice depends to a large degree on the number of new patient calls and contacts you get. Which is what we reliably deliver, month after month.

MedPB can help you:

Consistently attract more chiropractic patients.

Avoid wasting time and money.

Grow your chiropractic practice with less pain and fewer headaches.

“MedPB was our number one source for new patient calls this month. And their strategy is continuing to outperform all other sources. Highly recommended!”

Jeannette Hait, Practice Owner, Palm Desert, CA

What Works in Chiropractic Marketing?

While your primary concern as a chiropractor is the health and wellness of your patients, at MedPB, our biggest concern is the health and wellness of your practice. We provide new patients to keep your practice growing so you can reach your goals.

You wouldn’t walk up to new patient and start pitching a treatment plan immediately. Instead you use a diagnostic process to uncover patients’ concerns and goals and then determine the best treatment plan for that specific individual. We use the same approach with your marketing.

Every practice is different and determining the right marketing plan and online strategies for your practice starts with a diagnostic call to:

  • Identify your goals – specifically how many more patients you can handle a month.
  • Review what marketing you’re using now – what’s working and what’s not.
  • Review your marketing plan, annual spend, allocations and cost per lead.

Once we have all the facts, we map out your patient-attraction options so you can pick and choose the best solution for your market. Once we start working together, we take it one month at a time. We’ll review results with you regularly to ensure we are helping your practice continue to thrive.

How MedPB Helps Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Patient review software that consistently works to generate more new patient reviews, better visibility in Google and typically 10 or more new patients calling per month.

Websites proven to generate 4-5 times more new patient calls than the average medical practice website.

SEO that consistently uses fresh expert content to attract new patients to your practice.

PPC advertising that attracts patients almost instantly on Google and Facebook.

Social media marketing to increase the number of patient return visits.

Fully managed live chat to answer questions quickly and schedule more new patients.

What Results
Can You Expect?


More Patients
calling your practice.


More Calls
converted to appointments.


More Revenue
earned within 12-24 months.

Let’s Talk

Let MedPB make attracting new chiropractic patients simple, so you can enjoy helping more patients. We’ll show you how to avoid long-term marketing contracts that are often a scam and instead how to attract more patients and grow your practice.

Schedule your free diagnostic and discover how to transform your chiropractic practice and your life.

“Saved our practice $20,680 last year while doubling our sales. The only patient attraction strategy worth signing up for.”

Ram Nileshwar, Lake Charles LA

“Wow! MedPB helped us double our income. If you’re not working with MedPB, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. They’re awesome, fabulous, the best in the industry. What else can I say: did I mention they’ve helped us double our income?”

Joni Bullough, Northampton, MA