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At MedPB we understand that the key metric for dentists isn’t clicks, page views or ad impressions. We know the health of your dental practice depends to a large degree on the number of new patients you attract. Which is what we reliably deliver month after month – more new patients.

One would think getting dental patients would be easy. Everyone wants the perfect smile in their senior photo, family portrait, or vacation selfies. And no one we know is looking for the toothless grin. So why aren’t more new patients calling?

Smart dental professionals realize it’s not that easy. Despite more people wanting your help, with all the competition out there, it can be difficult to get new patients in the door.

Primary care dentists and orthodontists used to have a reliable referral model. Now the trend is for people to assume every answer can be found online, which is where your potential patients are looking for you. Not only does it need to be easy for them to find you on their computer, tablet and smartphone, your website also needs to be able to instantly build trust. That way they ’ll pick up the phone and call you or send a chat message to your front desk to get scheduled.

MedPB can help you:

Consistently attract more direct dental patients.

Avoid wasting time and money.

Grow your dental practice with less stress and fewer toothaches, we mean headaches.

“MedPB offers a great service for getting positive reviews from various review websites to our business webpage. The customer service and training of staff is excellent! We have had many new patients because of the positive reviews that can now be seen online.”

Aaron Farrokh, DMD, East Cedar Dental

What is Missing from most dental marketing?

Hint – the answer is a proven marketing plan, one that reliably attracts 10-20 or more new patients each month.

Imagine you had a patient – you wouldn’t pitch them on fixing a cavity or straightening their teeth before you talked to them, looked in their mouth and reviewed their x-rays. Before you’d start drilling you’d first come up with an individualized treatment plan.

Typically most marketing firms start by pitching you on their services, with the aim to sign you up ASAP. At MedPB, we start by getting to know you, your goals and your market so we can prescribe the right treatment plan (e.g. dental marketing plan).

Of course, at MedPB we want your business too, but it’s more important to us to ensure we can help your practice see a positive ROI. Just like you’re not going to sell braces to someone with perfect teeth, we won’t sell you stuff you don’t need or that doesn’t work in your market.

While your primary concern as a dentist is the health of your patients, at MedPB our biggest concern is the health of your practice. Our role is to provide new dental patients to keep your practice growing so you can reach your goals.

Every dental practice is different. Determining the right patient-attraction plan for your practice starts with a diagnostic call to:

  • Identify your goals; specifically, how many more patients you can handle a month.
  • Review what marketing you’re using now; what’s working and what’s not.
  • Review your marketing plan, annual spend, allocations and cost per lead.

We don’t consult the tooth fairy. Instead, we start by collecting key data from you, including your cost per lead. That way we can map out your patient-attraction options, so you can choose the best solution for your market. Then we work together, taking it one month at a time, providing and reviewing results to ensure we keep helping your practice continue to thrive.

How MedPB Gets More New Dental Patients Calling

Patient review software that consistently works to generate more new patient reviews, better visibility in Google and typically 10 or more new patients calling per month.

Websites proven to generate 4-5 times more new patient calls than the average medical practice website.

SEO that consistently uses fresh expert content to attract new patients to your practice.

PPC advertising that attracts patients almost instantly on Google and Facebook.

Social media marketing to increase the number of patient return visits.

Fully managed live chat to answer questions quickly and schedule more new patients.

What Results
Can You Expect?


More Patients
calling your practice.


More Calls
converted to appointments.


More Revenue
earned within 12-24 months.

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Let MedPB make attracting dental patients simple, so you can enjoy helping more patients.

“I have been working with MedPB for about 8 years and they have always been a step ahead with my digital marketing. Recently, we channeled some of our budget to a new tactic. After the first week, we received 16 new leads. Amazing! I am now booked out for the next week. I definitely recommend MedPB to handle all of your digital.”

Matt Murphy, Practice Owner, Boise, ID

“We’re scheduling at least 4 new patients a week thanks to MedPB’s services. When I bought the practice, the previous owners highly recommended that I continue to work with MedPB and boy, were they right. With MedPB’s help, the internet is one of our top sources for new patients. MedPB’s a true partner in growing our practice.”

Leslie Staverman, Practice Owner, Jacksonville, FL

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