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“The first week we received 16 new patient leads and we’re booked out for the next week!

I have been working with MedPB for about 8 years and they have always been a step ahead in attracting new patients. Recently, we channeled some of our marketing budget to Facebook Advertising and the results were amazing. Highly recommended for competitive practices.”
Matt Murphy, House of Hearing Audiology Clinic, Boise, ID

Why Facebook?

The problem with Google is it only works if someone is looking for your services, whether it’s hearing aids, back problems, or eyeglasses. For Google Adwords to work, your prospective patient has to have moved from thinking about solving their health problem to taking action. Of course in the real world most people procrastinate about taking action, even about health issues, for months and years.

Here’s where Facebook comes in

Imagine you could read prospective patients’ minds, so you knew when they were thinking about new hearing aids, new glasses, back pain or some other ailment… wouldn’t that help? Well Facebook Advertising is close. It’s not quite mind reading, but… thanks to Facebook’s comprehensive tracking of its users interests you can put your ad in front of your target market even before they start to search for a solution. (And before they find your competition!)

It’s highly effective…

Compared to other Pay-Per-Click options, Facebook offers the most control over who sees your ads. It’s possible to target them by age, interests, behavior, and location. The better your targeting, the more ideal patients you’ll attract. The result is a very cost-effective way to attract new patients…if you have a proven system.

The problem no one reveals about Facebook advertising.

Facebook offers another place to get attention for your practice, but it has one big problem. While it’s easy to get started, it can become a black hole, sucking you in and laying waste to your time and budget. You can spend countless hours setting it up and then wading thru the unqualified patient leads it spits out. Over and over, the practices we work with repeat the same refrain. They tell us they think Facebook advertising is the best. They’re getting dozens of new patient leads a week for a pittance, which sounds better than getting fresh brownies delivered every day. As the saying goes, it takes 10 years to become an expert at anything. And you could master Facebook, if you wanted to dedicate your life to it. But wait, don’t you already have a profession in the medical field?

How to Attract Ideal Patients with Facebook

At MedPB we’ve invested countless hours and money developing a system to make Facebook Advertising generate qualified new patient leads.

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