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“We noticed an immediate response when live chat was added to our website.

We started getting contacted by new patients and existing patients on day 1. New patients are finding it easy to live chat with us as well even after hours and on weekends. The operators are able to respond in the evening when we are closed so we don’t miss a single opportunity. With all of the marketing we have done, we have never seen such a fast response!”

Maggie McKeon,
Audiology Associates of Westchester, NY

Imagine that you’re a patient looking for a medical practice and you have a question but you’re not ready to commit to making an appointment or even a phone call. Not wishy washy but just not sure…

What do you do? You check to see if the practice has a chat function. If not, you click to one that does.

Patients expect instant answers.

Did you get the word? This is the digital age — communication has changed, and your patients want to be able to chat with your practice to get answers right away and, above all, privately. But the dirty secret about most chat programs is that they are your front desk staff’s worst nightmare.

Put yourself in your front desk staff’s shoes.

You’ve got a patient standing in front of you who has been coming to your practice for years, and needs your help. Just as you start to give them your attention, a message pops up on your computer screen from a prospective patient trying to reach you. What do you do?

Most likely, you help the patient standing in front of you. But then by the time you get back to the person texting you online, they’ve moved on, and you’ve lost a potential new patient.

The secret no one tells you about most chat programs.

The truth is most chat programs will drive your front desk staff out of their minds with constant interruptions and frustrate prospective or existing patients who want answers.

Your dedicated front desk staff already have jobs, and you don’t want their productivity to go down the tubes while they respond to chat messages. That’s what most chat software programs expect your practice to do — sit and watch a browser screen to see if any patients happen to be on your website, then prompt them to chat with you. There’s a much easier way to give patients what they want without paying someone to stare at a screen.

The only chat solution that works.

While it’s true you should avoid most chat programs like the plague, we had an idea about how to make one that worked.

Our simple solution was to set it up with a dedicated person to answer chats, so your front desk staff doesn’t have to. That way your front desk staff can do what they do best; focus on the patients in front of them. And we do what we do best; provide patients with instant answers so you attract more new patients and keep the ones you have. Of course, unlike most out there, we made ours HIPAA compliant too.

Want more patients? And to keep the ones you have coming back?

Adding Live Chat is one more way to increase the ways patients can communicate with your practice. It has two primary benefits:

The biggest one, no one talks about, is it makes it easier for existing patients to ask questions and to inquire about an appointment. And given that it’s 7-10 times easier to keep an existing patient then to attract a new one, Live Chat is a great investment if you want to keep your practice profitable.

Yes, Live Chat can help you generate new patient leads too. It helps your practice connect with those patients who aren’t sure who to trust, and can get the conversation going.

Want to keep your practice growing in today’s tumultuous market?

We’re marketing experts and can steer you to what works. If that’s Live Chat, great. If something else will work better, we’ll tell you that, too.

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