Online Review BuilderTM
Get more patient reviews and new patients calling

What makes Online Review BuilderTM the smart choice?

Most review management software applications suffer from 3 problems:

  • They don’t get many more reviews.
  • They don’t generate new patient calls.
  • They don’t increase sales

In contrast to these, Online Review BuilderTM is like adding a fifty-person sales team working 24/7 to get more pre-sold, new patients calling your practice. Online Review BuilderTM makes it easy for happy patients to post positive reviews on their favorite social media site. Then it funnels these positive reviews onto the review page on your website. These positive reviews grab prospective patients’ attention and funnel them to your practice.

Results: More new patients calling

We’ve seen amazing results with Online Review BuilderTM, including:

  • An increase in new patient calls of 40% to 85%
  • More new patients scheduling each week
  • Dramatic increases in practice revenue

Clients tell us they consistently get two to three new patients per week, per practice location using the Online Review BuilderTM. That adds up to 100 new patients a year, per location, for your practice!

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Online Review BuilderTM

Easy for your patients to post reviews

Easy for you to screen your reviews

Sends reviews to your website daily

Positive reviews boost your search results

Case Studies

Audiology Associates of Westchester in White Plains, NY

Online Review BuilderTM helped increase new patient calls 85%.

Online Review Builder

Victory Hearing

Online Review BuilderTM helped increase new patient calls 40%

Online Review Builder

Online Review Builder™ helps your practice dominate Google search results.

The screenshots that follow show how Audiology Associates of Westchester and Victory Hearing dominate their markets — and you could dominate yours.

Online Review Builder
Online Review Builder

Audiology Services of Chattanooga

Online Review BuilderTM helped increase new patient calls 187%

Online Review Builder

Audiology & Hearing Care of SWFL

Online Review BuilderTM helped increase new patient calls 250%

Online Review Builder

Silver State Hearing & Balance

Online Review BuilderTM helped increase new patient calls 67%

Online Review Builder
ORB Reviews

“In two months we got over 40 patient reviews. We used to struggle to get patients to leave reviews but now it’s easy.

The Online Review Builder system is amazingly simple and a great value for the money!!”

Gregory O. Dick, M.D., Plastic Surgeon
Rockville, Maryland

ORB Reviews

“Six patient reviews in the first month!

Online Review Builder makes getting glowing patients reviews easy. Love this software. It works like magic to show new patients the quality of care we deliver and get more people calling.”

Audra Branham, Au.D.,
Hearing Innovations, OH

ORB Reviews

“The Online Review Builder generated eleven patient reviews last month alone!

We’ve been asking for reviews for years but without this amazing software only used to get 2-3 a month. Now it’s much less work and we’re getting a steady stream of positive reviews for our Physical Therapy offices. One marketing tool that really works!”

Connie Scholl, Director of Business Development
Elite Health, Greenwich, CT

ORB Reviews

“The Online Review Builder is amazingly simple to use and helps new patients find us online.

Last month alone, 10 new patients called my practice and scheduled because of reading my online reviews. The Online
Review Builder is the best marketing idea of the year and any practice that doesn’t use it is losing patients to those that do! It’s essential to my online marketing.”

Mary Anne Larkin
Advanced Hearing Care, SC

ORB Reviews

“We’re getting more new patients, many from our competition, thanks to all the reviews MedPB’s
Online Review Builder is generating.

Patients are finding us online because of the reviews and turning to our practice so we can help them. Highly recommended!”

Lowery Mayo, Au.D.
Advanced Hearing and Balance, Evanston, IL

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