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You’ll discover how to get more new business, without wasting your money or time, so you can focus on your patients.

Practice Consultation Session

Our experienced Practice Advisors have helped hundreds of medical practices generate thousands of new patient leads with their expert advice. We’re offering you one 30-minute consultation session free of charge. Better yet, if at the end of the call, if you feel we’ve wasted your time, we’ll buy dinner for both you and a guest.


Lowery Mayo, Au.D., Advanced Hearing and Balance

“MedPB’s Online Review Builder works to multiply the number of new patients coming to us, some who’ve already tried the competition. It lets us help more new patients discover the joys of better hearing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Gena Marino, Fairfax Hearing Center, VA

“Our practice has grown 21% in the last year and I attribute 99% of our growth to MedPB’s Online Review Builder™ and our 46 positive Google reviews! Online Review Builder has made getting great patient reviews easy. I can’t recommend MedPB highly enough.”

Pam Keenan, McDonald Audiology and Hearing Health Care

“We received 9 new reviews in the last 30 days thanks to MedPB’s Review Builder. It’s is so easy to use and has been a HUGE help in attracting new patients. MedPB’s Online Review Builder is the best money you can spend to grow your practice.”

Jennifer & Nick Reynolds, Reynolds Audiology, Woodbury, MN

“We went from zero new patient calls from our website to an average of over 11 per month! MedPB is great to work with and in particular has helped has get lots more patient reviews on Google. For any practice looking for more patients and profits, MedPB is the only rational choice.”

Caroline Friedly & Gregory O. Dick MD, FACS, Rockville, Maryland

“In two months we got over 40 patient reviews. We used to struggle to get patients to leave reviews. The Online Review Builder system is amazingly simple and a great value for the money!”

Audra Branham, Hearing Innovations, OH

“In the first month the review software helped us get six patient reviews. Online Review Builder makes getting glowing patients reviews easy. Love this software. It works like magic to show new patients the quality of care we deliver and get more people calling.”

Connie Scholl, Elite Health, Greenwich, CT

“The Online Review Builder generated eleven patient reviews last month alone! We’ve been asking for reviews for years but without this amazing software only used to get 2-3 a month. Now it’s much less work and we’re getting a steady stream of positive reviews for our Physical Therapy offices. One marketing tool that really works!”


If we do, dinner’s on us.*

*If at the end of your 30-minute call, if you feel we’ve wasted your time, please inform your Practice Advisor. They will make arrangements to pay for both you and a guest to enjoy a dinner together. Offer only applicable to verified medical practice owners.