Orthodontic Marketing
Get new patients calling.

Only for Orthodontists That Want New Patients

We’re marketing idealists at MedPB. We have this wild idea that when an orthodontist pays for online marketing, they should get results that help them grow their dental practice. You with us on this?

We help dental practices like yours get found online, stand out from the competition, attract more patients and generate predictable growth — without wasting marketing dollars. Sound good?

The truth is most dentists spend a fortune on online marketing that only generates a few patient leads. They get sold on tactics like geo-fencing, retargeting, print ads, and shopping cart ads, which are all about as useful as a three-headed golf club.

How competitive do you want to be?

On average, MedPB medical marketing generates 5 to 10 times as many new patient leads as our competitors’ marketing does. We use proven, patient-focused marketing that attracts more orthodontist patients, holds people’s’ attention and converts prospects into more new patient leads. Isn’t that what you want?

On average our clients get 79% more new patient calls than traditional websites generate.

We use proven patient attraction strategies and we constantly test and improve these orthodontist marketing systems to send even more new patients to our clients’ practices.

3 Reasons MedPB Provides More Patients

  1. We’re specialists, like the orthodontists we work with. We focus on the key areas of online marketing that generate the best results for our clients. We don’t try to cover every type of marketing, any more than you try to practice all types of medicine. Please tell us you’re not a dentist with a specialization in heart surgery.
  2. Like you, we have extensive training and experience. We’ve been doing online marketing successfully for almost 20 years — we might know more than most of our competitors put together. And we’re still learning, continually testing new tactics and refining what we do for our clients.
  3. We’re a value-driven company. Our primary values are: to help people, to have fun doing it, and to take 100% responsibility for getting results for our clients. Which is why we like working with orthodontists who share the same values.

Did we mention results? We’re a data-driven medical marketing firm. We won’t sell you placebos or a bunch of smoke and mirrors. We will share the key numbers our client practices want to see; the number of new patient leads they are getting every month and their cost per lead.

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Of course, there’s only one way to appreciate how extremely effective our orthodontic marketing is: Talk to us.