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The top 5 ways to attract more patients

Discover the powerful strategies we’ve used to attract over 42,567 new patients in the last 12 months. Contains the essential practical ideas every practice can use to attract new patients. A goldmine for the ambitious practice owner.

Avoid these marketing scams from hell that target your practice

Don’t become a victim. Discover the secret dirty tricks many digital marketing firms use to sell smart people on services that do nothing but destroy profits and avoid wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

Simple secrets to improving patients’ experience

Contains 18 powerful ideas you can apply, at no cost, to dramatically improve patients’ perceptions of the quality of care you provide. You’ll increase patient satisfaction, loyalty and referrals.

Why negative reviews aren’t all bad and how to respond when you get one

Discover which reputation-killing mistakes to avoid. Contains a detailed step-by-step guide on the right way to respond to both good and bad reviews to increase trust and attract more new patients.

What you’re doing wrong with your website

Find out which 10 mistakes most medical websites make that keep new patients from contacting you and instead send them to your competition. See what to do instead to attract 10-50 more new patients a month.

How to attract more new patients with every dollar you spend on PPC

Most PPC works about as well as lighting your wallet on fire. Discover the essential 6 questions to ask PPC firms to determine whether they are legit. Plus how to get more new patients from your PPC advertising.

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