Social Media For Doctors
Attract patients with social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing
Attract patients with social media marketing.

Build your brand, help more patients.


Why we’re #1 in social media for doctors and medical practices.

Social media management is much more than just posting an article to a page and calling it a day. We dedicate hours of research, using proprietary software, to discover the most popular articles that are currently trending — articles your patients want to read. This maximizes the number of page views, likes, and interactions you get from your patients. Which then gets more patients calling.

Each week our team of social media experts finds the top trending and most-shared articles on the web for your medical specialty. Then we share those on your social media platforms. That way, you can maximize the number of people that view your page. Providing valuable, in-demand content helps build trust with your patients and ultimately means more appointments.

“In the last 12 months we’ve increased sales by over a quarter of a million dollars thanks to MedPB’s marketing. We’re getting more reviews, more traffic and most importantly more NEW patients. MedPB’s support with our website, seo, ppc, reviews and conversions has been amazing. Highly recommended for any medical practice looking for dramatic gains.”

Rachel MaGann Faivre,
Hearts for Hearing

“We’re getting 5 times as many leads from the web, worth $20,000 a month to our practice... Highly recommended to any audiology practice interested in beating the competition.”

Sean Pendel
Audiology Associates and Hearing Aids Today, Nashville, TN

"We had a website, but knew it needed some work. During a consultation call with MedPB we discovered we needed more online reviews and decided to try the Online Review Builder. In just a few short months we're up to 50 reviews total and more keep coming in. Our second month we had 30 new patients calls from the website which is up considerably from before. We are very happy with the work they have done and look forward to continued great results."

Jane Rosner, AuD
West Valley Hearing Center

"The website is attracting more patients to my practice. It reflects the look, feel, and mission of my business. I am forever grateful and forever spoiled by a team that knows the audiology ‘universe’ and how to help my team attract and keep our growing client base." 

Lori Klein Gardner, Au.D.,
Doctor of Audiology,
Hear Virginia

"I never put much thought into any digital marketing or even a website, so I was a little skeptical that it would make a difference." "But at the encouragement of an associate, I decided to try MedPB for a website. After a couple of months of seeing the traffic grow, I was encouraged to try to get more reviews and add Search Engine Optimization services. I was shocked when I heard my staff saying we're getting more from the Internet than ever before. In fact, last month we received 21 new patient calls out of the 60 total calls to my website. I'm so glad I got connected with MedPB and highly recommend them."

Linda Scaramella Bosack, Au.D.
Century Audiology

How social media marketing helps.

Patients use social media platforms to find health information, interact with other patients, and rate their health care providers. In fact, a recent survey found that 33 percent of US consumers use social media to find and discuss medical information.

With an active presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you can help patients get to know you, like you and trust you as the go to local medical expert. Chances are hundreds of your potential patients are on social media as you read this looking for healthcare providers.

With MedPB™’s Social Media Marketing, your medical practice is front and center for those searches.

What social media for doctors does for you.

Social media marketing is the digital equivalent of word of mouth marketing. The bottom line is that social media marketing helps you attract and keep more patients. With social media marketing, you can:

  • Increase social engagement with current patients and reach hundreds of new patients
  • Generate referrals when your existing patients refer their friends
  • Drive traffic to your website from your social media profiles
  • Build your brand and credibility
  • Build trust and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise
  • Enhance your position in Google search with even more pages associated with your practice.

All-in-one social media management

With MedPB™’s Social Media Marketing service you get:

  • Exposure on the top social media platforms
  • Professionally designed social media profiles
  • Daily postings to Facebook and Twitter
  • Top trending articles for your medical specialty posted to your pages
  • Expert articles with valuable health information for your patients

We’ll also work with you to increase social engagement by promoting special events, posting patient reviews, and sharing information about your practice, all in the name of building your brand and deeper relationships with your patients.

Discover how social media marketing can help you connect with and attract more patients. Talk to us.

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