Social Media Marketing
Stay connected with prospective and current patients

How to Beat the Competition for Attention

Your biggest competition online isn’t the big box stores, online sales or other practices in town. It’s the competition to get the attention of prospective patients and existing patients.

Your biggest marketing challenge is keeping patients’ attention . You want prospective patients to remember you when they need medical treatment. How can you get patients to call your practice, instead of just searching online and calling another practice?

The answer is social media marketing. A steady stream of social media posts positions your practice as the local, go-to hearing experts. It keeps you connected with current and prospective patients. That way they’ll call you the next time they need a consultation or diagnosis, not your competitors.

How MedPB™ Social Media Marketing works

Each week we scour the universe to find timely topics of interest to your patients. These articles provide your existing and potential patients with news and information, showcasing you as the local expert in your field. That increases the chances they’ll be thinking about doing something about their medical problems, and when they do they’ll call your practice.

Social media profiles help improve your search engine rankings and are another way for your patients to find your practice. They also provide convenient places for your patients to leave reviews, increasingly important in getting patients to call your practice.

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Social Media Marketing

Posts on social media reach 100's of people each month

Build patient engagement and goodwill

Social pages are convenient places for patients to leave reviews