Success Stories



Gold Country Hearing, Rocklin, CA

400% Increase in Patient Reviews in Just 6 Months

“Our reviews are up 400% in just 6 months. We’re getting 6-10 new patients per month thanks to MedPB. Their digital marketing services are far superior to those we were using before. Worth every dollar.”

Erik Bonney, Gold Country Hearing, Rocklin, CA


195% Increase in
New Patient Calls

86% Increase in
Website Visitors

97 Reviews with a
4.96 Average Rating

Sound Hearing Inc., Richland MN

533% Increase in New Patient Calls

“The MedPB team is very professional and they guide you through the process to enhance and highlight your practice in your market area. I am amazed at the traffic increases to our site and the new customers that have resulted from MedPB efforts. Very happy with the results we are seeing.”

Charlie Stone, Sound Hearing Inc., Richland MN


533% Increase in
New Patient Calls

89% Increase in
Website Visitors

32 Reviews with a
4.97 Average Rating

AudioLife Hearing Center, Knoxville TN

660% Increase in New Patient Calls

“It was definitely a good business decision to go with the MedPB website. Many more conversions from internet referrals. Good customer support — real people.”

Tony Evans, AudioLife Hearing Center, Knoxville TN


660% Increase in
New Patient Calls

87% Increase in
Website Visitors

40 Reviews with a
4.9 Average Rating

Want results like these? Let's Talk

Want results like these? Let’s Talk