Discover which blend of marketing will work for you

7 Targeting Questions To Ask

Depending on your marketing situation, online marketing can help you attract two to five times as many patients. If you live in a small town with a limited population, direct mail may be the better tactic. If you live in a big city with a competitor on every corner, ramping up your referral strategy may be the fastest way to grow your practice. A mistake we see all too often. A practice owner gets a call from a marketing firm promising top search engine rankings. They want to sell services whether or not they lead to more appointments. But isn’t it the appointments that matter to you? Too many practice owners make the mistake of signing up for marketing activity instead of marketing results.
  1. What’s the size of the population you are marketing to?
  2. How many competitors do you have?
  3. What marketing are you currently doing, offline and online?
  4. What types of marketing are working for your practice and why?
  5. What types of marketing haven’t been working and why?
  6. How successful is your existing offline and online marketing?
  7. How aggressive are your competitors with their marketing off- and online?
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