Top Local ListingsTM
Put Your Practice on the Map

Avoid Losing Patients to Your competition

Without effective local listing management, you won’t be found in Google, won’t show up at the top of search results, and you won’t appear on the maps that show local medical practices.

The problem is that online directories like Foursquare, Google My Business, WAZE, the White Pages, Manta and don’t verify the accuracy of your business name, address and phone number.

The result is that, on average, 67% of medical practices listings are incorrect. Inaccuracies confuse Google and keep your practice from showing up on local maps and getting top rankings.

And it’s not just Google you should be worried about. 14% of internet users rely exclusively on local directories, bypassing Google search entirely. In total, 70% of people searching for your medical services make their selection based on local listings.

How Top Local ListingsTM help you get found:

  • More local card views: 353 more per month per practice, on average
  • From 145% to 400% more website visitors
  • More website visits: 30 more per month on average
  • More calls to your practice from maps: 17 more per month, on average

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Top Local ListingsTM

Stay at the top of search results

Show up in Google maps on search pages

Get more visitors to your website

Get more calls from maps

Case Studies

Coastal Hearing Aid Center, Encinitas, CA

Website traffic from the search engines increased by 400%

Top Local Listings

Over 500% growth in number of phone calls

Top Local Listings

Hearing Aid Healthcare, Indio, CA

Website traffic from the search engines increased by over 200%

Top Local Listings

Island Better Hearing, Melville, NY

Website traffic from the search engines increased by 145%

Top Local Listings

Want more patients from local listings? Talk to Us.