Want to attract more patients with effective audiology marketing?

Achieve more with MedPB’s proven audiology practice building engine.

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We help top audiologists and ENTs prosper, thrive, and improve lives

Our values-driven team prides itself on listening and understanding your goals. That way you get a customized, proven marketing solution to generate more new patient leads for less. If you’re a successful audiology or ENT practice, we can help you go from good to great, or from great to amazing.

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We help audiology and ENT practices attract more new private pay patients

An average client’s ROI is 16-1. Which means, MedPB clients using our marketing engine earn 16 dollars per each dollar they spend with MedPB on marketing. Sounds unbelievable but we’d be happy to walk you through the math and show you how to increase your revenue too.

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We automate your patient lead flow and help you grow your medical practice

Over the last decade, our team of experts has developed proprietary practice building systems, digital marketing tools, and automation software that gets outstanding results. You get access to our proven digital marketing engine and to ongoing practice-building guidance.

Want outstanding results like these?


More patients
from search engines


More patients
from Pay-Per-Click ads


More calls
from your website

We’ve helped more practices grow than most other firms have clients

“MedPB helped me attract 19 new patients and get 5 positive online reviews last month alone. Our results are positive year over year and up 62% over the past 6 months. I highly recommend working with MedPB.”

Joanne Laporta

Joanne Laporta

Accent on Hearing

Castle Rock, CO

“I was using another provider for my website and wasn’t having much success. I switched to MedPB and we’re seeing more new private-pay patients each month and are busier than ever. I was even able to stop using a third-party provider. I highly recommend MedPB.”

Barbara Parker

Barbara Parker

Hearing Solutions

DeSoto, TX

Your customized marketing engine gears

Your customized marketing engine

It’s possible to buy audiology marketing services individually, but the problem is they rarely work well together. Like putting Toyota parts in your Ford, it’s not a good idea.

Which is why we’ve spent the last ten years developing an integrated solution. It’s what we call our marketing engine, where the sum is greater than the parts. It’s the right solution if you want to power up your audiology or ENT practice while paying less for more qualified new patient leads.


Sky-high growth in new patient calls

Like we said earlier, many of our clients experience unbelievable growth. In Tim’s case, his 4-location audiology practice in Georgia experienced a huge boost with MedPB’s marketing engine.

  • Traffic to his website saw a 206% increase

  • Increase in the number of positive reviews to 1,275

  • New patient leads up from 25 per month to 75 per month