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Want to accelerate the growth of your ENT practice?

With MedPB you’ll reduce your per lead costs while increasing new patient visits.

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How can you get more ideal patients calling your ENT practice?

When you schedule a call with an ENT practice advisor at MedPB, you won’t get a pitch for cookie-cutter services. We’ll work with you to identify your goals and understand your market. Based on your specializations, our ENT practice advisors will create your customized online ENT marketing plan.

With our powerful ENT marketing engine, you’ll get a custom marketing plan to attract more ideal patients, those who can benefit from your ear, nose, and throat specialties.

“We added an additional $47,000 in revenue, within 60 days of signing up with MedPB. Their brilliant practice-building strategies and digital marketing really work! Highly recommended.”

Leigh Burnett

Leigh Burnett

Hoover ENT

Hoover, AL

Want to increase patient flow and reduce your cost per lead?

MedPB ENT websites typically generate 2 times as many new otolaryngology patient leads as the industry average. Which means you get:

  • A proven, integrated marketing solution

  • Marketing customized to your goals, your focus, and your local market

  • Monthly expert guidance to fine-tune your marketing and optimize your results

  • Increased local trust and credibility

  • More new patients

Want a proven prescription for growth?


Ending the drought in Texas

Imagine you had three fully-staffed and equipped locations to support, and you were only attracting 16 new patients per month. You’d be lucky to have enough money for salaries and rent! That was the case with this ENT practice in Texas.

They signed up for MedPB’s marketing engine to end the drought and find a way to be profitable. What happened next?

  • Website traffic increased by 1,246%

  • From 15 to 636 new patient calls!

Want a flood of new patient calls for your ENT practice too?