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Wish Your ENT Marketing Attracted
More New Patients?

Tired of looking at an empty waiting room when your otolaryngology practice could be helping hundreds of patients a week? If you’re like most ENT practices you’ve already tried online marketing, spent thousands a month and gotten only a trickle of new patients calling.

The key to getting results with ENT marketing is finding a specialist, one who understands the challenge of ENT digital marketing and patient psychology. Unlike most other medical specialties, ENTs services typically cover not just one specialty but 7 core areas.

Knowing how to market effectively and attract patients requires specialized knowledge. Your ENT marketing needs to be far more robust and include more comprehensive, patient-focused content.

Unlike most online marketing firms, at MedPB we’re specialists, working with less than 5 medical specialties by choice. Which, over the last 15 years has enabled MedPB to provide more new patient leads to ENT practices for less.

We continue to improve our conversion rates every year and typically can provide ENT practices with more new patient leads at a lower per lead cost than any of our competitors. The result is MedPB can provide your practice with more high-value patients and save you an average of $57,060 per year.

When you schedule a call with a marketing expert at MedPB, you won’t get a pitch. We won’t try to sell you cookie-cutter services. Instead, just like a good doctor, we’ll work with you to identify your goals, understand your market and come up with a custom marketing plan. That way you’ll get:

More new patients through proven, lead generation systems

Higher credibility and trust in your local area

Lower cost-per patient lead

The results speak for themselves. MedPB ENT websites get four times as many new patient leads as the industry average.

How a three-location ENT practice in Texas went from struggling to thriving

After partnering with MedPB, they got phenomenal results:

  • 1,246% increase in visitors to the site
  • 156 additional patient reviews with an average of 4.35 out of 5 stars
  • New patient calls jumped from 16 to 636 per month
  • Conversions from new patient calls to appointments doubled

MedPB provided:

  • An integrated patient-centric, marketing plan from an SEO-optimized website to cost-effective PPC ads to attract new patient calls
  • Proven patient review software that worked with their website
  • Client tools and consulting to help improve front-desk conversions

The Practice Owner:

  • Integrated their marketing with their back-office practices
  • Ensured the front desk knew how to schedule new patients
  • Improved the patient experience

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