Audiology Marketing Done Right

How does MedPB get such great results?

Discover the secret sauce that separates MedPB from wannabe marketing firms.

Better than one size fits all

Your personalized marketing plan

Based on your goals and data on what will work best in your market, we’ll provide you with a customized marketing plan for your Audiology or ENT practice that helps you do three essential things: help more new patients find you; establish trust and credibility online; and convert trust into appointments.

Male audiologist reviewing results with a marketing expert

Where we agree with audiology practitioners

Diagnosis before treatment

Your practice and market are unique, in a good way. Before we prescribe a plan, we think the responsible thing to do is to get to know you, your goals, and market conditions. We meet with you to review what’s working, what’s not, and what you want to improve.

Otolaryngologist viewing practice growth results on a laptop

Better than looking for a magic pill

On-going growth

Signing up to access our marketing engine is just the start. Once you do, we’ll meet with you monthly to keep your marketing plan up-to-date and show you how to schedule more leads into appointments.

We’re committed to working with you to keep your practice growing. And to help you make marketing success a habit.

You’ll have full access to our proprietary success tools, that way, each month you’ll discover more ways to attract more patients and prosper.

Woman audiologist smiling with arms crossed in a hearing aid office

Avoid losing with long-term contracts

Pay month to month

We are confident our marketing engine works and if we agree to take on your practice, we’re confident it will work for you. As such, we don’t need to resort to tricks like long-term contracts to lock clients in. Instead, we work hard each month to get you more new patients and continue to win your loyalty. That makes getting started, with no setup fees, low risk.


Stop throwing money
out the window

Ever feel like you’re wasting money on marketing. One practice that joined MedPB had been spending $4,000 per month with their previous marketing firm and only getting 1-2 new patient leads per month. Ouch! That’s over $2,000 per lead. Talk about expensive.

Within 6 months of signing up with MedPB, all the key indicators were up with the exception of their per-lead costs, which were down to just a fraction of what they had been paying per lead.

What they got?

  • More patient reviews

  • More website traffic

  • More new patient leads for less

  • Paying over two thousand dollars less per month for many more new patient leads

  • Increased new patient leads from 1-2 per month to over 30 per month