About MedPB

We’re passionate about helping your practice grow

Every day we help practices attract more new patients and grow faster than the competition.

Who we are

We’re a value-driven team helping ambitious practices attract more new patients and reach their goals. We connect patients with medical practices to improve lives.

Two things that make us stand head and shoulders over other digital marketing firms are the outstanding results we generate for our clients and the hands-on advice we provide our practices each month to enable them to continue to grow.

We’re specialists in digital marketing strategies, and specializing has enabled us to get astounding results. Last year our practices received 233,743 calls from patients. On average, our clients see a 13% increase in new patients calls or 19 new patient leads per month.

I’m saving $41,000 per year and getting twice as many new patient leads. With MedPB, I’ve been able to double my new patient leads, and cut my cost per lead by almost 80%! I can’t say enough good things about the MedPB team.”

Leann Johnson

Leann Johnson

Windsor Audiology

Windsor, CO

I have seen my practice grow exponentially since I began with MedPB 8 months ago. I’m incredibly thrilled with my partnership with MedPB – a game-changer.”

Kristen Clark

Kristen Clark

Platinum Hearing

Scottsdale, AZ

Our core values

Our values drive everything we do.

  • Making a difference: We help medical practices prosper, thrive and improve lives.

  • Having fun: We create inspiration, camaraderie, fun and fulfilling work for our team.

  • Curiosity: Curiosity about new ideas is built into our work week so we can continue to improve everything we do.

  • Collaboration: Our success is built on teamwork and collaboration within MedPB, with our clients and our partners.

  • 100% Responsibility: We take full responsibility for results within the team, with clients and with partners.

Provide meaningful work

Provide meaningful work

  • Make a difference, improve lives. It’s not just about making money.
  • Keep the big picture in mind to drive all decision-making. Focus on what benefits all three: clients, team members, and the company.
  • Encourage people to bring their full selves, including their sense of humor, to work.
  • Apply the company’s core values in every aspect of work.
Create the conditions for success

Create the conditions for success

  • Ensure alignment at the team and project level.
  • Clarify expectations. Set clear and measurable goals.
  • Manage projects not people.
  • Use communication systems that put everyone on the same page.
  • Be open and transparent in sharing information about any and all work, limiting access only to personal and other confidential information.
  • Give everyone the training and tools they need to be outrageously successful.
  • Train them in setting priorities.
  • Use time-blocking and eliminate multi-tasking or switch-tasking.
  • Provide access to workshops, conferences, and training that can expand our expertise.
  • Compensate people fairly for their role and their region.
Focus on continuous improvement

Focus on continuous improvement

  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Review what’s working weekly, and make sure to do more of it. Then figure out how to do it even better tomorrow.
  • Review what’s not working to identify what to stop doing and what to start doing. What worked yesterday may not work today.
  • Celebrate mistakes. Set aside time each week to discuss mistakes and come up with ways to avoid them in the future.
  • Avoid using blame and focus on systems improvements.
  • When a problem is identified, find the root cause, get input from the team and make systemic changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Encourage team members to come up with ideas to improve the company weekly. Act on and implement good ideas ASAP.
  • Use data to drive decisions and accountability.
  • Measure everything to uncover processes that are no longer working.
  • Change what’s not working and measure the new strategy.
  • Coach team members to follow their interests and develop new skills and expand their bandwidth within the context of company goals.
Minimize hierarchy

Minimize hierarchy

  • Enable team members to think and act like the CEOs for their areas of responsibility.
  • Push decisions down the chain as far as possible.
  • Get rid of hierarchical titles like manager, vice president, etc.
  • Minimize levels within the organization.
  • Allow those who are capable of leading to lead, no matter what their position.
  • Rotate the responsibility of leading meetings so everyone develops leadership and facilitation skills.
  • Focus on teamwork and internal and external collaboration.
  • Use project management and communication tools to keep meetings to a minimum.
Provide autonomy & expect responsibility

Provide autonomy & expect responsibility

  • Hire self-motivated people and do everything possible to avoid un-motivating them.
  • Expect people to take 100% responsibility for getting their work done.
  • Trust people to do the right thing for the company.
  • Encourage people to live a balanced life, stay healthy and take advantage of flex time to fit work around exercise, family, friends and fun.