Online Review BuilderTM
More patient reviews.
More new patients.

Online Review BuilderTM
More patient reviews.
More new patients.

Improve your online reputation, attract more patients.

Why Online Review BuilderTM is the best review software.

Most other review management software suffer from two problems: 1) they don’t make it easier to get reviews, and 2) they don’t generate new patient calls.

The difference between those other review programs and Online Review Builder™ is that they are like an outdated leaky garden hose, whereas Online Review Builder™ is like an automatic sprinkler system that consistently keeps your lawn healthy.

Online Review Builder™ supplies a steady stream of happy patients to post positive reviews for you. It funnels positive reviews from social media sites onto your review page on your site. Most importantly, it helps deliver new patients to your practice.

Patient reviews can be powerful marketing tools. With the Online Review Builder™ software, we’ve built in a decade of experience in helping medical practices get patient reviews. This provides you with the most powerful online reputation management system on the market. This software includes essential training for your staff as well as the easy to use review management system.

Our clients tell us they consistently get two to three more patients per week, per practice location using the Online Review Builder™. That adds up to 100 new patients a year per location for your practice!

Make getting patient reviews easy.

Online Review Builder™ software automates the process of collecting patient reviews and managing your medical practice’s reputation on the most important social media sites. Online Review Builder™ gives you the reputation management software that makes it simple to ask patients for feedback.

Just use the user-friendly system when asking for reviews and the review management software does all the rest. It not only makes it simple for patients to say great things about your practice but it collects the reviews from social media sites and posts them on your site once a day so your reviews are always up-to-date.

Use the online reputation management software for medical practices to get more patient reviews and generate more new patient calls so you can grow your practice.

UCompare Health Care

Remove the biggest barrier to getting reviews.

Positive patient reviews may be the single most effective way to attract more patients to your practice. The majority of prospective patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Everyone knows this, but what they don’t know are the simple steps to getting more glowing patient reviews.

The truth is that most of us aren’t comfortable asking patients for reviews. It can feel awkward, and who wants to start a conversation which could result in negative feedback? Now you can let Online Review Builder™ ask for reviews and manage them for you. It’s the easiest online reputation management software for you and your patients to use.

Get found in the search engines.

When your patients are searching for a local health practitioner, who are they most likely to call first: the one with no positive comments or the one with a lot of praise and a row of bright stars?

Build credibility and get the phone ringing.

Every medical practice owner knows the power of referrals. When your patients tell others how much they like you and trust you, those people are very likely to trust you as well They’ll call your practice, schedule an appointment and become a patient. Online reviews, like word-of-mouth referrals, get the phone ringing.

Get access to analytics to make informed decisions.

Monitor your progress, respond to reviews and identify practice locations to focus on with our easy-to-use online dashboard and reporting features. Manage your medical reputation,  build your base of positive reviews and keep new patients coming to you.

Ready to attract more new patients with proven, easy-to-use review software? Talk to us.

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