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Audiologists and ENTs who use MedPB’s review builder get found and get booked solid.

Get Found On Google

How MedPB’s Online Review Builder drives patients to your practice

Imagine you’re looking for an Audiologist, ENT, or any type of medical provider. You’re searching online for ideas and trying to decide who to trust with your health. No small task. What do most people do?

They scan listings in Google and look at who has reviews. If your practice only has a few reviews patients won’t look any further.

They’ll skip over your site listing to view the competition. Yes, a patient’s decision to work with your practice is more affected by positive reviews, which they understand, than your list of qualifications, which they often won’t read. Which is why reviews are the best way to stand out, and get found.

“MedPB helped me attract 19 new patients and get 5 positive online reviews last month alone. Our results are positive year over year and up 62% over the past 6 months. I highly recommend working with MedPB.”

Joanne Laporta

Joanne Laporta

Accent on Hearing

Castle Rock, CO

Thanks to MedPB, we’re now booked solid for the next 3 to 4 weeks! Patients continue to tell us they found us online, and we’re considering adding another provider so we can see even more patients. If you’re looking to grow your practice and receive excellent customer service along the way, you’ve gotta go with MedPB!”

Lauren Gromel, Audiologist

Lauren Gromel

The Hearing Place

Berwick, PA

Be seen as the local leading audiologist or ENT expert

Unless your practice is on Mars, you’ve got competition and it’s only natural for prospective patients to compare your practice to the one down the street. Sure, you might like patients to pull up your bio and compare your degrees and training to your competitors but almost no one is going to do that.

Instead, patients are going to go for the easiest way they know to compare service providers. Which is the total number of positive, recent reviews. Or even just the aggregate, your review score.

Having a few reviews is a start, but consistent, recent reviews help put you on top. Which is what our automated review management software does for you. You just need to turn on the switch to be seen as the leading local medical expert.

Want to automate review collection?

A Doctor looking satisfied with his patient reviews.

Eliminate the biggest barrier to attracting new patients

Most people read reviews when picking a health provider. The same is true with your patients. Reading reviews is a big part of their decision about which practice to call. If you don’t have any reviews, you aren’t going to be considered by them. 

What’s the simple secret to attracting more patients? It’s winning the trust of naturally skeptical people. Think about it, when you go to Amazon and you’re trying to decide which Bluetooth speaker to buy, what do you do? 

Want more new patients?

Woman reading online reviews to choose the best medical practice

Pre-sell patients so they move from the research phase to setting an appointment

Once your practice builds up a dozen or more new reviews, you’ll see a huge change in your new patient leads. People will call your practice and tell you they just read a handful of the glowing reviews about your practice and picked your practice to work with. They are finished with the research and shopping phase and ready to make an appointment.

Clients tell us with regular use they consistently get 2-3 more new reviews each month, per practice location, using the Online Review Builder which increases new patient interest exponentially.

Want more new patients calling?

Woman on the phone scheduling an appointment


How this California practice struck gold

With only a handful of positive patient reviews, this practice in the Sacramento area was struggling to attract new patients. Within 6 months of putting MedPB’s Online Review Builder to work, they’d struck gold.

Here’s what they got:

  • 400% increase in new patient reviews

  • 86% increase in site visitors

  • 195% increase in new patient calls

  • From 18 new patient leads per month to 34

  • 6-10 new patients monthly, an 89% increase