Audiology Social Media Marketing

What can social media realistically do for your practice?

Convert more leads into sales and repeat sales with proven audiology social media marketing.

Do you know where your patients are online?

Why use Facebook marketing, even if you hate Facebook?

More than 87% of Americans use Google and 71% use Facebook. Obviously, there is some overlap, but the simple conclusion is that if you want to put your practice in front of patients, including Facebook in your marketing plan makes sense. With it, you’ll achieve many of the same goals as you do with your website.

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I now have more time to work with my patients and help more people hear better. MedPB took so much off my plate with regards to marketing, website, social media marketing, reviews, and blog posts. They made the process so easy and efficient. One of the wisest business decisions I have made with my practice.”

Jim Grant

Jim Grant

Professional Hearing Services

Louis Park, MN

Thanks to MedPB, our internet marketing is beating all our other marketing, including my own successful direct mail efforts, is very impressive. Highly recommended!”

Jeannette Austin

Jeannette Austin

Hearing Aid HealthCare

Palm Desert, CA

Facebook marketing can help you

  • Position your audiology or ENT practice as the go-to experts

  • Increase patient engagement and loyalty

  • Stay top-of-mind with your patients even when they aren’t actively searching for you

  • Increase your exposure on social media and increase your website traffic

Want a proven marketing solution?

Build strong relationships

How MedPB’s social media marketing works

Given the dominance of Facebook in the social media landscape, it’s the best place doctors can focus social media marketing efforts. Sure, you could take time every day and write a post, but is that the best use of your time? Most practice owners prefer to spend their time seeing patients, not writing or posting to their Facebook page.

To make social media marketing easy, we do the work for you. MedPB has a team of copywriters who write articles every week to educate your patients. Then we post a notice on your Facebook page, pointing your patients to these articles.

The result?

Your hearing care practice stays front of mind with patients and they seek you out when they need your help. Which puts you on top. Which is what you want, right?

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