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Want an audiology website that transforms more visitors into patients?

Our websites generate 2-3 times as many new patient leads as the competitions’.

How our audiology & ENT websites generate
more appointments

MedPB websites are written and designed to help patients get the answers they want to help them make a decision on which hearing specialist to work with. They pre-sell patients on your practice so they see you as the go-to local expert to trust.

Our quarterly net revenue has tripled and our new appointments have nearly doubled. Without a doubt, MedPB is the top digital marketing firm and the only choice for practices that want to be competitive and continue to grow.”

Lori Gardner, audiology practice owner

Lori Gardner

Hear Virginia

Richmond, VA

My new patient calls skyrocketed by 660% with my MedPB website. Who knew that just using MedPB’s websites could make such a difference. Going with MedPB was a smart business decision. Real people providing real results.”

Dr. Tony Evans Au.D.

Tony Evans

AudioLife Hearing Center

Knoxville, TN

Audiologist discussing treatments with a young couple

Get more new patients scheduled than your competitor’s website

Unless it’s a medical emergency, it’s human nature to put off getting medical treatment. MedPB patient-centric websites are designed and written to overcome your biggest obstacle to attracting new patients: patient procrastination.

The result is that MedPB’s patient-centric websites deliver twice as many new leads as competitors’ sites. Which means more new patients and a lower per-lead cost for your practice.

Woman calling an audiology practice while viewing their website.

Audiology websites that outperform the rest

What’s the key to successful medical treatment? It’s using data and science to make treatment decisions. The same is true with website design for audiologists, ENTs and hearing specialists.

MedPB websites are designed based on patient psychology, and over a decade of data on how to increase conversions. We’re continually testing and improving our website designs, which is why they generate twice as many new-patient leads as competitors’ sites.

Want a website that outperforms competitors’?

Our websites are not only beautiful, but they’re also expertly designed to drive new patients to your audiology practice. Here’s the difference we’ve made for audiology practices just like yours.

Hearing Care Associates

Hearing Care Audiology Website Homepage

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Lifetime Hearing

Lifetime Hearing Audiology Website Homepage

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Bright Life Audiology

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Hear Care Audiology

Hear Care Audiology Website Homepage

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Cleartone Hearing Aid Services

Cleartone Audiology Website Homepage

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The one downside of MedPB’s marketing engine

Using MedPB’s marketing engine, one practice in New Jersey saw steady growth.
Like the lottery, the winnings have been distributed over time.


Increased sales by $5,207,000 over the last 6 years


Had to hire on three additional staff to handle all the additional patients