Audiology Marketing
Get more new patients calling.

The MedPB audiology marketing platform attracts more audiology patients for one reason. We understand patient psychology and behavior. We’ve spent over a decade researching ways to get patients calling, and we’ve built the key content and triggers into our audiology website design.

Why is it so hard for audiologists and hearing aid practices owners to attract patients?

The market of baby boomers who have hearing problems continues to grow and the technology of hearing aids continues to improve. One would think this would make hearing aid marketing easy.

Of course, every savvy audiologist and hearing aid practice owner knows that attracting patients is anything but easy. Despite more and more people needing your help and better and better solutions, getting patients in the door can be a challenge.

On average, it takes seven years for someone with hearing loss to schedule an appointment. Why do people wait so long, other than plain stubbornness?

Most people are afraid of admitting they might have a hearing loss. They see it as an unwelcome sign of aging.

The myth is that hearing aids are HUGE and ugly.

Potential patients don’t understand the value of hearing aids relative to their quality of life, so they view hearing aids as expensive.

Overcoming the stigma associated with hearing loss and dispelling the misconceptions about hearing aids is no small task. Audiology marketing requires more than the typical “pitch” model of marketing.

That’s why we use a patient centric approach to audiology website design. Our patient-centered content keeps potential patients reading about your practice and increases the number of patients calling. On average our clients get 79% more patients calling compared to traditional websites.

Talk to us to find out how to attract more patients.