Audiology Marketing

Want to sell more hearing aids?

You could see your practice grow by 30-100% within the first 12 months.

Grow Your Audiology Practice

The secret to selling more hearing aids

Shouldn’t attracting profitable patients and selling more hearing aids be a piece of cake?

With the incidence of hearing loss growing, the hearing aid market is expanding in leaps and bounds. At the same time, the technology of hearing aids continues to improve. It should be easy to grow your practice, but in many cases, it’s not.

Audiologist consulting a senior patient on whether he needs hearing aids.

Wow! I’ve doubled my hearing aid sales using MedPB’s reliable advice. ASP is up $1,000 per unit and acceptance rates have more than doubled from 30% to 75%. If you’re not working with MedPB chances are you’re leaving money on the table. They’re awesome, fabulous, the best in the industry. What else can I say: they’ve helped me double my income.”

Joni Bullough

Joni Bullough

Clarke Hearing Center

Northampton, MA

We’re scheduling at least 4 new patients a week thanks to MedPB’s services. When I bought the practice, the previous owners highly recommended that I continue to work with MedPB and boy, were they right. MedPB’s a true partner in growing our practice.”

Leslie Staverman

Leslie Staverman

Staverman Hearing Centers

Jacksonville, FL

What’s holding your audiology practice back?

As every audiologist knows, it’s not easy to grow a practice. It’s challenging enough to educate patients about the health benefits of hearing aids. And then there are additional obstacles:

  • The flood of third-party payers sending low-profit patients your way

  • The looming threat of over-the-counter hearing device sales

  • Patients’ inherent resistance to taking action

  • Online competitors

  • Local competition

Want a proven audiology marketing solution?

The Powerful Solution

What works to get more ideal patients in the door?

Overcoming the stigma associated with hearing loss and motivating people to call your practice is no small task. People typically wait years before coming in for a hearing evaluation. How can you overcome this resistance by prospective patients to take action?

MedPB’s patient-centric marketing engine helps you sell more hearing aids. You get more new patients contacting your practice, scheduling an appointment, and accepting your treatment recommendations.

Woman working the front desk of an audiology practice providing a patient paperwork for their appointment.


Why this audiologist is glad she made the switch

This audiology practice watched as her competitors were getting gobbled up by consolidators and realized it was time to make the switch to a better marketing partner or go under.

After switching to MedPB’s marketing engine, here’s what her numbers looked like.

She used to only get 10 new patients per month:

  • After switching to MedPB she’s attracting 43 new patients per month.

  • Net Gain with MedPB: A 400% increase!