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Are your audiology PPC ads putting more patients on your schedule?

Find out how you can grow faster with paid advertising.

How MedPB’s unique PPC approach helps you

The secret to putting your audiology practice at the top

When you pay for PPC your Google Ads typically show above the free organic Google listings. Your patients see your ad first and are more likely to click on it than the listings below or on subsequent search results pages. 

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Use powerful pay-per-click advertising proven to attract patients


More patients calling
compared to other PPC services

We increased our new patient phone calls by 137% over the past year. MedPB helped me get our website up, increase our online reviews and provided powerful strategies in our monthly calls to grow the practice. I highly recommend working with MedPB to take your practice to the next level.”

Lisa Jorgensen

Lisa Jorgensen

Jorgensen Hearing Center

Spencer and Sioux Center, IA

“MedPB’s Google PPC campaign has helped me attract over 70% more 1st time new patient callers over last year. Many of my private pay patients are saying that they found me on Google and that has helped my practice grow significantly over the past year. I highly recommend MedPB’s Google PPC strategy to any practice looking to grow.”

Mike Pratt

Mike Pratt

Pratt Hearing Aids

Toledo, OH

Get found right away

Every audiology and ENT practice should use advanced SEO to take advantage of Google’s free search results. With the right strategy, your SEO strategy can generate loads of traffic. But SEO and PPC are designed to work together. And PPC only takes a month or two to get set up and dialed in.

Typically within 60 days or less, you’ll see an increase in new patient leads.

PPC Fact Check – Most people assume all paid ads are created equal, which is a BIG mistake. The reality is most PPC campaigns are like a black hole you pour money into and get little out of. And most PPC firms won’t share their cost per lead. At MedPB we take pride in providing the lowest cost per lead in the industry,  which means you get more new patients for less.

At MedPB, we get outstanding results with Pay-Per-Click ads by combining it with proven SEO, website designs, and review software.

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Avoid wasting money —
Get results instead

With traditional advertising, such as print, television, or radio, you pay for your ad to be seen by a large number of people—most of whom won’t be interested.

Google Ads PPC advertising is different. Rather than paying for each ad you place, you only pay when a patient is looking to solve a problem with your services. Even better, you don’t pay for patients to see your ad, you only pay when a prospective patient actually clicks on your ad, taking them to your landing page or website.

Dominate your market

Once you have your PPC ad campaign up and running for your audiology or ENT practice, we can tell you what percent of market share you are attracting. If you want to attract more of the available leads in your local area, we can make it happen just by increasing your ad spend, usually only by a small amount.

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Discover how many more patients you can attract with proven PPC for Audiologists and ENTs

Over a decade of experience in PPC advertising gives us and you a huge competitive advantage. We can target your ads to get more new patients and more qualified patients. Many clients get twice the patient leads for the same price. We’re so confident in our results, you’ll only be charged on a month-to-month basis. No long-term contracts are involved.


The ultimate low-cost, high value advertising

Compared to other pay-per-click options, Facebook offers the most control over who sees your ads. It’s possible to target them by age, interests, behavior, and location. The better your targeting, the more ideal patients you’ll attract. The result is a very cost-effective way to attract new patients…if you have a proven system for nurturing new patient leads.

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