What can you expect with MedPB email marketing?

To make it easy for you to get started, we’ve pre-written both educational and promotional emails and set them up in an easy-to-use system. All you need to do is log in and grab each month’s set of emails, tweak them, and hit send. It’s all automated for you.

We’ll walk you through what to do and show you how to track results. That way you can get the benefits of using email marketing and have more time to spend working with patients.

How to power up email marketing for your audiology practice


Higher open rate
than the industry average.


Higher click-through rate
than the industry average.


Increase in traffic engagement
on your site.

Want outstanding results like these?

The first month we scheduled 10 appointments just from that one e-mail. Within the first minute of sending my first campaign, I had an appointment made from a patient who had been meaning to call for a checkup. I have been wanting to develop an email marketing and newsletter program for my practice for a few years. It was overwhelming to try and navigate the options available. MedPB’s email marketing works!”

Dr. Rebecca Gomer

Rebecca Gomer

Gomer Hearing

Allen, TX

“With our very first email, we generated 4 new patients. MedPB’s pre-written emails and automated systems are amazingly easy to use…and they work! Worth every penny.”

Dale & Wanda Brann

Dale & Wanda Brann

Heartland Hearing

Springfield/Decatur, IL

Hearing specialist with her hand on a man’s shoulder thanking them for being a loyal patient

Increase patient loyalty

Whether you’re an audiologist, hearing specialist, or ENT your patients may only need to visit your practice a few times a year or even a few times every few years. How can you increase patient loyalty and get them to return to your practice?

Regular educational emails position your practice as the go-to local hearing specialist or ENT expert. They keep your practice front-of-mind with patients, so they’re more likely to remember you and call your practice instead of the competition.

Woman on a laptop reading emails about new hearing technology

Give Patients What They Want

Educate patients about new technology

Each month and year, new procedures and technologies are introduced which have the potential to improve patients’ lives. The best patient is an educated patient. Email is a great way to educate patients and prompt them to contact your practice to get the details or try new technologies out.

With MedPB’s email marketing service you can

  • Increase patient loyalty

  • Send your patients an educational email or two each month

  • Earn trust as they come to rely on your advice

  • Invite them to join you for a lunch-and-learn, virtual event, or a special you’re running

  • Improve your response to promotions

Bottom line is, by using email marketing you can schedule more new patients and increase repeat visits by existing ones, which translates into increased revenue.

Want to increase your revenue?

Practice owner in front of a laptop happy using an automated email marketing system.

It’s so easy to use, you’ll use it

There is a simple and respectful way to use email to educate and inform your prospects and patients so they want to work with you. You could block out hours each week to write your own emails, but is that the best use of your time?

We help make it easy with an automated system. Just log in, select and adjust your monthly emails, and send them to your email list. Get the benefits of email marketing and save time so you can focus on helping your patients.


How one Texas practice increased appointments within minutes

A long-time customer was looking for a way to increase appointments after reopening a location. After sending out their first two emails they saw these results.

  • Website traffic increased by 30%

  • Patient calls increased by 22%

  • Received 4 requests for hearing tests within an hour of her first email sent