Lead Center

How can you get more new patients in the office?

Lead Center puts your patient follow-up and scheduling all in one place.

Get more new patients scheduled faster

All the leads in the world won’t help if it’s not simple and easy for your front desk to track, follow up, and communicate with patients. The more time it takes to schedule a lead, the fewer leads you’ll be able to schedule.

Now we never miss a lead, thanks to MedPB’s Lead Center! It captures calls, texts and form fills. With the text feature, we can communicate quickly with patients for appointment reminders, curbside pick up, and to answer any questions. We can quickly and easily see what new leads our marketing is generating and follow up right away. A huge help!”

Dr. Rebecca Gomer

Dr. Rebecca Gomer

Gomer Hearing Center

Allen, TX

A big improvement to my patient communication. My office phones can be spotty and with this system, I never miss a lead, a call, or a text message. I can see calls and texts as soon as the phone rings and I am also able to use the app on my phone to respond and remain HIPAA compliant when I am out of the office too.”

Heather Dean

Heather Dean

Burleson Audiology

Burleson, TX

Woman laying on a couch using a phone to text.

Easier for patients

MedPB’s Lead Center software gives patients the ability to communicate with your office by text or phone, and you can answer them either way.

Sure patients could always call, but in today’s digital world, people are 5 times as likely to text someone as to make a phone call. Which is why Lead Center offers the same level of convenience through text as it does through calling.

That way patients can quickly ask a question or schedule an appointment.

Front desk staff woman scheduling a patient appointment on the phone.

Reduce callbacks, increase appointments, and save your staff up to two hours per day

Simpler for front desk staff

Lead Center provides a centralized dashboard of call, text, and form-fill information to view, sort, and respond to by text or phone. That way your staff can prioritize calls and respond to the most urgent questions right away. Which makes patients happy.

With Lead Center, your staff will reduce callbacks, increase appointments, and save up to two hours per day. Which translates into faster and more efficient patient communication and increased patient loyalty. With secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging your team will be more productive and happier too.  

Not to mention it’s an integral part of your custom marketing plan. We’ll even help you train your front desk on the best way to convert an inquiry to an appointment.

Want to make it easier to schedule more new patients?


Ripping it up in Rochester

This 3-location practice in Rochester knew their marketing was working but they just weren’t getting as many appointments scheduled as they thought they should be. That was until MedPB set up their Lead Center, which increased their appointments dramatically.

What they got:

  • One easy place to track more leads

  • Resulting in 5 more new appointments per week