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Some SEO agencies provide impressions and clicks. We bring you more patients so our search engine optimization service pays for itself.

Why New Patients Aren’t Calling

How to get found more easily on Google and local search engines

No matter how good your practice is or how many satisfied patients you have, unless your site is search engine optimized correctly for Google and other search engines, you won’t get found. Patients who might be a perfect fit and are looking for your services will find your competition first. The result is only a trickle of new patient leads instead of the dozens and dozens you could be getting.

If you’re not getting as many new-patient leads as you’d like, more often than not it’s your search engine strategy that is the problem. You may have been sold SEO but what you got was only a small portion of what needed to be done.

The wrong SEO strategy can effectively keep your audiology or ENT practice hidden from the search engines.

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Kristen Clark

Kristen Clark

Platinum Hearing

Phoenix, AZ

Now getting 20+ new patient leads per month. We’re booked out for weeks. MedPB is off the chart fantastic!”

Leann Johnson

Leann Johnson

Windsor Audiology

Windsor, CO

How MedPB’s advanced audiology SEO helps to grow your practice

Woman searching on a laptop for the local medical expert

Get found more easily than your competition

When patients have a question and search for a local hearing expert, your website needs to be optimized correctly for multiple search terms and topics to be found in the search results. When it is, they’ll find you.

Woman using voice search on a mobile device.

Get found for more types of searches

Patients ask a range of questions, which is why our audiology SEO strategy includes a wide range of content and is why we continually add new content optimized for different types of searches like voice search or local.

Woman helping a senior man search for a medical practice online.

Get more traffic to your website

A little-known secret is that top rankings don’t guarantee more visitors. To get people to visit your website your search engine listings need to prompt patients to click through to your site. Which is what MedPB’s SEO does for audiology and ENT websites.

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When free is a big mistake

The Problem:
Ever hear the pitch from buying groups about all the “free” or “discount” marketing services they offer? While a few may deliver, this one practice in Kentucky wasn’t seeing that her buying group was helping her attract any new patients.

The Solution:

This southern practice bit the bullet and decided to try paying MedPB only to see her sales double. She launched her marketing engine in January, and by June she’d sold as much in 6 months as she did the previous year, doubling her sales.