Medical Marketing
Connecting Patients to Practices

We’ve worked with hundreds of medical practices with a primary focus on helping audiologists and ENT physicians. Like the doctors and medical experts we work with, one of the secrets to our success is that we’re specialists.

The following is a small sampling of the success our clients have experienced using our services.

"Our sales increased from 12 to 24 last month! Thanks to your online marketing and direct mail marketing guidance our sales are up. Top rankings, more traffic, more patients is what I love from this program. Highly recommended for any practice that wants more sales."

Greta Ratliff,
Owner, Hear In Kentucky Hearing Centers, Louisville, KY

"Already helped us book another 7 appointments and increase revenue by $14,000 per month. Last year our leads doubled and with your marketing system are continuing to grow. You’re a key partner in our success."

Kathy Goodman,
Main Line Audiology, Narberth, PA

Bill & Darlene Ballew
"MedPB helps us attract 6-10 new patients a month! Thanks to the great website MedPB built for us, after only 6 months online, even in a highly competitive market new patients were finding us. We highly recommend MedPB to anyone who wants to accelerate their practice growth!"

Bill & Darlene Ballew
Hearing Care SWFL, Bonita Springs, FL

"MedPB’s Online Review Builder works to multiply the number of new patients coming to us, some who’ve already tried the competition. After reading our online patient reviews, patients are telling us they are picking our practice thanks to all the great reviews. Which in turn lets us help more new patients discover the joys of better hearing. Highly recommended!"

Lowery Mayo, Au.D.
Advanced Hearing and Balance

"Saved our practice $20,680 last year while doubling our sales... The only audiology practice building program worth signing up for.”

Ram Nileshwar, Au.D.
Owner, The Hearing Center of Lake Charles, LA

"Your Internet marketing was our number one source of calls this month and is continuing to attract more patients. To see our internet marketing beat out all other sources, including my own successful direct mail efforts, is very impressive. Highly recommended!"

Jeannette Hait,
Owner, Hearing Aid HealthCare, Palm Desert, CA

Lori Klein Gardner, Au.D., FAAA
"The website is attracting more patients to my practice. It reflects the look, feel, and mission of my business. I am forever grateful and forever spoiled by a team that knows the audiology ‘universe’ and how to help my team attract and keep our growing client base." 

Lori Klein Gardner, Au.D.,
Doctor of Audiology,
Hear Virginia

"From generating more referrals to increasing leads from my website, your expert team knocked it out of the park... The only option out there for practice owners who want a customized, personal and effective way to grow their sales."

David Dodero, Au.D., CCC-A
Dodero Hearing Center

"My front desk staff are converting more calls to appointments, which is just what I need so I can do what I do best, see patients. I don’t have time to sit with my front office staff to teach them. Thanks to your team of experts helping train my staff in all aspects of managing my practice I can focus on what I love. Strongly recommended."

Lori Trentacoste, Au.D.
Island Better Hearing
Melville, NY

“We’re getting 5 times as many leads from the web, worth $20,000 a month to our practice... Highly recommended to any audiology practice interested in beating the competition.”

Sean Pendel
Audiology Associates and Hearing Aids Today, Nashville, TN

"Helped us enormously with our online marketing to get the phone ringing. After a recent merger we needed help attracting patients and ramping up sales. Which is exactly what we got. Enthusiastically recommended to any medical practice interested in growing."

Jim Barlow, CEO
OHIO ENT, Columbus, OH

“I experienced a 650% growth of hearing aids sold from physician referrals in six months, thanks to your physician marketing program. It has made an incredible difference in my practice.”

Michael H., AuD., NV.

“We’ve added at least three new doctors in the last four months, and we’ve started receiving referrals from places we have never even heard of before. Your system is fantastic.

Stefanie G., Office Manager/Physician Liaison, OR.

“Your physician marketing system is paying off. In the last six months, our sales are up 20 percent.

Holly C ., AuD, WA.

“We have had 6 physician referrals so far for September, with 1 binaural sale. We are making inroads quickly with the doctors.”

W.L. P., PhD., CA.

“Our hearing aid sales have increased tremendously, as well as, the reputation of our office in the medical community. We have continued to receive consistent referrals from doctors all over our community, doctors who likely were never familiar with our office prior to the program.”

Rachel G., Physician Marketing Liaison, CA.