10 Ways to Sell More Hearing Aids This Holiday Season

An image of a group of people wearing knit ugly Christmas sweaters with various bizarre patterns and decorations.

For the last 10 years, we’ve heard this refrain at this time of year: sales are slow during the holidays. But the truth is, it ain’t so. More people are spending more money than at any other time of year. People have their credit cards out and are spending large. The challenge is to get some of that spending to go towards a new pair of hearing aids.

Here are 10 great ideas to help you get more patients in the door and to help them enjoy the holidays more.

  1. Run an ad in your local paper with a picture of Santa and the headline, “Santa’s Secret?” In your ad copy, mention that Santa wears hearing aids. How else do you think he communicates with Ms. Claus and the elves? Then add something like “Don’t miss out on all the holiday fun! Call us now to get the right hearing aids.”
  2. Build your brand by giving back to the community. Run a raffle to give away five pairs of hearing aids. It’s a great way to get free publicity, get noticed and be seen as the local experts who care.
  3. Visit your top 10 referring physicians to say thanks for the referrals and wish them a wonderful holiday season. Take the opportunity to ask them what they are doing over the holidays and get to know them better.
  4. Have a Christmas referral appreciation event at the office for patients and doctors who provided the most new patient referrals. Keep it to about 20 people so you have time to thank them and talk to them yourself.
  5. Hold an End of Year Inventory Blow Out. This month, clean your shelves of the specials you took advantage of, get rid of any stock hearing aids, and bring in Tested Not Solds and other budget-conscious patients.
  6. Invite patients to stop by for an ugly Christmas sweater competition at the office. Offer a free hearing evaluation as a prize. Once you pick a winner, notify the local paper and send them pictures of the event and the lucky winner.
  7. Give small gifts to everyone who comes into the office for a hearing screening to build awareness for hearing loss.
  8. Tap into patients’ giving spirit during the holidays and let them know that more patient reviews is on your wish list. And give them the link to your Online Review Builder™ system.
  9. Send out a mailer with the theme “Hear what you could miss over the holidays! Come in by December 20th and we’ll have you hearing better by Christmas!” You can run this as a database mailer in January, too.
  10. Use your website and social media to promote your holiday specials or holiday events.

Whether you do one or three or all ten of these, get into the holiday spirit and have some fun with your marketing. When you do, new patients will join you.

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