11 Ways to Boost Hearing Aid Sales Over the Holidays

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December is a Great Time to Sell Hearing Aids

Most of what you’ve been told about selling hearing aids in the dead of winter is wrong! Discover the secret to making this December your best ever, starting with why it’s the perfect month to ramp up sales below.

little girl playing with shoeHere’s a simple secret I learned from my 4-year-old granddaughter. If I want her to put on her shoes, it’s much easier if she just does both at once. If she puts on one and then I distract her with a cookie… well, all is lost. She’ll be hobbling around the house for hours.

The same is true with selling hearing aids. It’s much easier to get people to buy a hearing aid when they have their credit cards out and are spending.

Now, maybe your prospects are all grinches, but I doubt it. I bet they’re spending large on their friends and family and embracing the spirit of giving. After all, that’s what the holiday season is all about.

But here’s the secret about the holidays (I know from personal experience). My wife starts asking me for ideas of things she and the rest of the family can give me too. So I start thinking of what I want, and make a list, usually on Elfster.com.

I come up with ideas of books, a sweater, and other stuff like that. But while my brain is spinning I also think of much more expensive items I wouldn’t expect anyone to give me, but I’d like to give myself, like a new pair of skis, or even hearing aids.

Now let’s see what the giving equation looks like….

A. During the holidays people are in the habit of spending
B. They’re making lists of things they want

Add these two together, and the BIG SECRET is people are more likely to buy big ticket items for themselves over the holidays too!

11 Tips for Selling More Hearing Aids During the Holidays

Instead of assuming that hearing aid sales will be slow over the holidays, what would happen if you did the opposite?

What would happen if you leveraged A and B above to make the holiday season your best ever?

You could sell more hearing aids in December than any other month of the year if you wanted to. You’d just need a few simple medical marketing ideas to use. Here are 11 you can use:

  1. Sell more hearing aids.An email to patients recommending a quick hearing aid check before the holidays.
  2. A holiday party where existing clients are invited to bring a friend who needs a hearing aid.
  3. An offer of free batteries for clients who come in during the holiday season to check out the latest hearing aid technology.
  4. Hold an End of Year Inventory Blowout. This month, clean your shelves of the specials you took advantage of, get rid of any stock hearing aids, and bring in Tested-Not-Sold and other budget-conscious patients.
  5. Invite patients to stop by for an ugly Christmas sweater competition at the office. Offer a free hearing evaluation as a prize. Once you’ve picked the winning sweater, notify the local paper and send them pictures of the event and the lucky winner.
  6. Give small gifts to everyone who comes into the office for a hearing screening to build awareness around hearing loss.
  7. Tap into patients’ giving spirit during the holidays and let them know that more patient reviews are on your wish list. And give them the link to your Online Review Builder™ system.
  8. Go to every Christmas party you can fit into your calendar. Then when it inevitably gets loud and impossible to hear what people are saying, just hand out your card to everyone who says, “What?”
  9. Rent a mini-airstream trailer, decorate it with lights and greens for the holidays and take a tour around town to provide free hearing testing. You’ll get noticed, and when you show potential patients how much they’re missing, you’ll sell more hearing aids.
  10. Send out a mailer with the theme “Hear what you could miss over the holidays! Come in by December 20th, and we’ll have you hearing better by Christmas!” You can run this as a database mailer in January, too.
  11. Use your website and social media to promote your holiday specials or holiday events.

Whether you do one or three or all of these, get into the holiday spirit and have some fun with your medical marketing. When you do, new patients will join you.

Test, test and test each of the above to find out which resonates with your target market and see your holiday sales heat up, even in the dead of winter.

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If you think you need some extra help growing your hearing aid sales in December (or any month, for that matter), give us a call!