18 Ways to Boost Hearing Aid Sales for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day can be frustrating for audiologists: Here you have the ideal solution to improve relationships — the gift of better hearing — and yet all you hear in the office are *crickets*. The research shows that for people with hearing loss, nothing helps improve romance more than hearing aids and better hearing.

What better time of year to help your patients hear better, live better and yes, have more romance in their life? Boost your hearing aid sales with these 18 crazy, romantic and smart audiology marketing ideas.

1. Do Something Adorable

Make February a month of love stories from your happiest hearing aid customers. Invite them to share how hearing aids have improved their relationships, romantic or otherwise. Invite them to write stories to include in emails and on social media. You can even film these adorable interactions and share them on your social media channels.

2. Free Stuff, Free Stuff, Free Stuff

Everybody, and we mean everybody, loves free stuff. Come up with some special Valentine’s Day tchotchkes that would get people excited to come in.

3. Dinner and a Movie

Try a special promotion where couples who’ve been out for dinner can come in and watch a classic movie with popcorn and snacks afterward. Again, demonstrate how much better you can hear the movie with hearing aids!

4. Gift Certificates

Advertise that everyone who schedules a hearing aid fitting on Valentine’s Day gets a gift certificate for audiology services and/or from a partner business in town. Always provide cookies.

5. Valentine’s Cupcake Party!

Partner with a local bakery for some glam cupcakes. And for those who have a fitting and buy hearing aids, a gift certificate for more cupcakes with some free batteries thrown in!

6. Host a Charity Event

Think of local charities that could benefit from an event in your office that would get people excited to come in on Valentine’s Day to help out. Maybe a blood drive or a food drive—something that would really help your community and generate positive local traffic.

7. Relationship Seminar

Host a special relationship building seminar focusing on how hearing and listening are so important to solving relationship issues. This is one of the main reasons people do end up buying hearing aids!

8. Free Flowers

Partner with your local florists’ shop and give roses to everyone who comes in for a hearing aid fitting on Valentine’s Day (the guys who forgot to get flowers will really thank you).

9. Chocolate Always Works

Partner with a local chocolatier for a special event where anyone who schedules a Valentine’s Day hearing exam or hearing aid fitting gets a little chocolate surprise. When you make hearing aid sales, those patients get a gift certificate to that local chocolatier’s boutique to sweeten the deal. Just make sure to have great discussions and inform your patients of what to expect and how long it might take to get used to wearing the hearing aids. Extra chocolate helps.

10. Hold a Couples Costume Contest for Valentine’s Day

Use your email contact list and your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) to advertise a Couples Costume Contest! Folks who come in costume get a discount or gift certificate. Definitely have treats and freebies on hand, as well as a photo station where one of your staff can snap cute pictures for people to take home and share.

11. Speed Dating Party!

Remember, not all of your patients are in a committed relationship. Advertise for a few weeks in advance and let your patients know there will be a speed dating party in your office on Valentine’s Day (and how much easier it will be to hear your dates with hearing aids in).

12. Audiology MatchMaking Service

It may seem like a crazy audiology marketing idea, but it’s pretty smart. Advertise all over social media, email newsletters, etc. that you’ll be running a little matchmaking service for Valentine’s Day. Get opt-in and permission from your single patients first, of course.

13. Valentines in the Mail

Many of your audiology patients and their friends still love to get snail mail. In addition to sending Valentines to all of your current patients, ask patients who they’d like to send a personalized Valentine to, and have them fill one out in the office for you to send to their friends and secret crushes and include a $50 coupon for a new hearing aid.

14. Email Newsletter

Email is one of the most effective audiology marketing tools. Use the email contact list you already have and create a special Valentine’s audiology newsletter with important hearing and listening tips for couples, families — and anyone, really. Include an exclusive offer and invite them to an event happening at your practice on Valentine’s Day! What kinds of events, you ask? Well…

15. Use Social Media to Promote Your Valentine’s Event

Whatever promotion you’re running, you must be active on social Media. Post teaser updates daily and make sure to respond to any comments, questions and messages you get over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Relationship building is absolutely key to making any social media audiology marketing ideas work, so make sure someone in the office checks those channels, responding and updating posts on a regular basis.

16. Try Video Hearing Aid Marketing

A lot of these ideas can be filmed at the time, or you can come up with short, informative, funny videos that you can post to all your social media channels showing how hearing aids can improve relationships.

17. Join Snapchat, Use Story Mode

It’s not just the domain of self-absorbed teenagers; you’d be surprised how successful some healthcare professionals have been by posting day-in-the-life videos on Snapchat—some have thousands of followers who tune in daily for their short videos on Story Mode. Why not use it for hearing aid marketing? Post short, entertaining, informative, personal, Valentine’s stories from your staff, your happiest customers, etc. Story Mode videos are visible for 24 hours at which point you can upload a new batch.

18. Send a Press Release to Get the Media Involved

Whatever hearing aid marketing idea you use, alert the local media and get them to come down to your office and film what’s happening!

Want to help more people discover better hearing and maybe even improve their love life, too?

Pick one or more of these audiology marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day to try. You’ll stand out from the competition, who are sitting around their offices listening to crickets while you help more patients.

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