2 Simple Steps to Audiology Practice Growth to Attract More Patients & Profits

audiologist using marketing strategy from MedPB and doubling her practice's revenue

When you’ve been helping audiology practices grow for as long as we have, it’s easy to spot people who just want you to tell you what they want to hear, and others who really want to grow their practices no matter what. We look for clients who trust us enough to try what we suggest, even when it doesn’t seem like it makes sense to them at first. 

Greta, the owner of three audiology offices and one of our member practices, thought doubling her revenue in a month was an outlandish goal–nothing more than some audiology marketing hype. Until, that is, she heard her phone ringing off the hook, saw patients filling up her waiting room, and noticed that the number of hearing aid units sold by her practice doubled.

Her well-established hearing aid practice had a solid track record, selling 12 units on average per office per month. But then she did the things we suggested and saw her monthly hearing aid sales double, bringing in another $73,000 in revenue.

Want to know how to get more patients using the audiology marketing secret that allowed Greta to double her revenue?

All she did was follow two easy steps.

Step 1: Choose An Audiology Marketing Plan Proven to Generate More Patient Leads

Marketers are usually fantastic about hyping up their patient lead generation methods–whatever they may be. These marketers will show up on your doorstep and offer you quick fixes that sound pretty good. Around these parts, we call that “empty calorie marketing.” You may get a quick sugar rush–but the momentum and energy never last.

To achieve long-term success, you need to avoid these empty-calorie-laden marketing gimmicks. Quick fixes never yield lasting results. Instead, embrace the proven audiology marketing tactics that have helped other websites grow: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click ad campaigns, and audiology website designs tailored to your audience.

A typical audiology marketing plan (or even your general audiology business plan) will include the following reliable components.

Websites Designed Specifically for Audiology Patients

Want to know how to grow your audiology practice? It usually starts with a website–but not just any website. Websites designed as part of an audiology marketing plan are required to do some specialized things–and this means taking a dynamic, thoughtful approach. 

That’s why all of MedPB’s audiology websites are:

  • Full of patient-focused content. Patients who find your website truly useful will come back again and again.
  • Optimized for conversions. Improving your web traffic is meaningless if it doesn’t convert. That’s why every website we create for audiology practice marketing is designed to convert visitors into leads (and leads into patients).
  • Built with patients in mind. Patients want to know what the next step is. The websites we build are designed with users in mind, so their experience is smooth and intuitive from start to finish. This means every website is designed to guide patients throughout their journey.

Online Review Collection and Reputation Management

Every audiology marketing plan should have some guidelines regarding reputation management. That’s because reviews are a powerful tool for audiologists. They can build your online reputation. One survey found that 77% of patients checked online reviews as the very first step in selecting a medical provider.

Which means managing your reputation can make you more appealing to new patients. When you work with MedPB, you can use our automated review software to make online reputation management easy to ask for, collect, respond to, and manage all your reviews.

This way, building your reputation doesn’t have to be a chore–and you can spend more time with your patients.

Expert Articles Featured on Your Website (and Social Media)

You’re an expert in the field of audiology–and the whole world should know it! One of the most fundamental ways to build your authority among patients is to write articles for your website, addressing top patient concerns and questions.

As patients search for answers to their audiology questions, they’ll see you as the answer–over and over again. This will:

  • Increase the organic traffic to your website. (Often, this results in a nice positive feedback loop: a boost in organic traffic will lead to more organic traffic.)
  • Improve your authority. This can help you rise in the Google rankings and bolster your overall reputation.

Sharing your expert content on social media will make it easier to connect with new patients–and welcome new leads.

PPC Advertising

When you know how patients are searching for you, pay-per-click ads can make it more likely they’ll click on your website. But those clicks aren’t free–which means every click needs to be worth it. So make sure you’re working with a reputable PPC provider–one who specializes in audiology and hearing aid ad campaigns. Look for marketers with a proven track record.

And, above all, avoid lock-in contracts. We’ve always thought of PPC advertising as a put-up-or-shut-up kind of field. 

Local SEO 

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of any audiology marketing plan. But why is a marketing plan important in this regard? Well, location matters a lot. (Getting a lot of visits from people in San Francisco isn’t very useful if your practice is located in New York.) 

That’s why we always help practices with their local SEO–ensuring their practice shows up in local business listings. This usually starts by optimizing your Google Business Profile–but that’s not where it ends.

Email Marketing Campaigns

There was a time when people thought email marketing might be dead. But that death was, shall we say, greatly exaggerated. 

Today, email remains one of the best ways to stay in touch with your patients. An email campaign can:

  • Effectively target different groups of leads. (Marketers call this segmentation.) The idea is that some of your patients will need a first pair of hearing aids whereas others might need a third. Segmentation means you can send separate emails to each of those groups and, as a result, optimize your messaging.
  • Stay top of mind with leads. You never know when someone is going to finally decide they need to see an audiologist. But when they do, you want to be the first one your lead thinks about. That’s a lot easier when you’re present in the lead’s email inbox every week.

Email marketing can help you generate leads, conversions, and revenue.

Step 2: Implement a Consistent Audiology Marketing Plan

Okay, you’ve got a plan! But now you need to stick to it. “Set-it-and-forget-it” will never be an effective marketing plan. Consistency is key to growing your marketing success. 

This means making constant improvements is what separates the bystanders from the players. Sticking to your plan can help you see where to direct your efforts. Maybe you need to update your social media or put new content on your website or update your email database.

Why is an audiology marketing plan important? Because it saves you time–especially when you stick to it.

Why a Custom Marketing Plan is Important for Growing Your Business

You have a business to run–on top of seeing patients every day. This means it’s all too easy for you to get (understandably) sidetracked. Posting on social media may not be a priority when there are patients waiting to see you. 

Over our years helping audiology practices, we’ve found that one of the most important things we can do is to help audiologists develop a unique marketing plan that’s tailored to their goals–and their talents. We also coach our practices regularly, helping you implement and stick to your marketing plan (or, in some cases, just doing it for you).

After all, even before she met us, Greta was no slouch! She’s motivated and smart. But without someone to remind her and help her get her online marketing done each month and to schedule those direct mailings, she never would have seen her sales double.

Want help developing and enacting your audiology marketing plan? Let’s talk!

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