Forget About Your Audiology Logo… Today

"Don't do this" written on a sticky note

Considering using your logo on your website, marketing materials or letterhead? Think twice before you do. Read the following first.

Why do people love logos?

If I asked you to describe or draw Nike’s logo, or Apple or Shell’s logos (the names of these 2 are a bit of a giveaway) or Audi’s logo – you could probably describe them. They’re cool looking, memorable, associated with multi-billion dollar companies and yes they may even help their respective companies.

Who should have a logo?

If you own a Fortune 500 company, market nationally or internationally, or have a marketing budget in excess of $100 million dollars, it’s possible a logo will help potential customers remember your brand. Though there are lots of billion dollar companies, CostCo, Walmart, Sears and others that seem to be doing okay just using their name. Well…not so sure about Sears, but I doubt it’s the lack of a logo that’s the problem.

What’s it cost to get a logo that will work?

Typically huge companies like Nike, Apple, or Amazon pay advertising firms tens of thousands of dollars to come up with these clever designs. Instant logo programs and designs done on the cheap rarely do much but make you look cheap too.

Does your audiology or hearing aid practice need a logo?

Let me ask you a question. What’s the logo of your dentist, your podiatrist, your physician? No idea?

Chances are they don’t have one. But do you remember who they are?

Typically most people do  remember the people who provide them with valuable local services, including their audiology practice providers. Why?

It turns out it’s much easier to make a personal connection with a patient and get them to remember you than it is to get them to remember your logo. So instead of focusing on a logo, focus on helping patients get to know you, like you, and trust you – which is what will prompt them to tell their friends about your practice, not your logo.

Should you use your logo?

After looking at hundreds of logos drawn for audiology and hearing aid practices, and without seeing yours, I’m going to say NO!

99% of the ones I’ve seen make their practices look just plain dumb, unprofessional at best.

Why not use a drawing of an ear?

I know I’m going to offend some of you here, but using a drawing of an ear for your logo is a BAD, no I mean TERRIBLE idea.


Let me ask you, how many of your friends share pictures of themselves, or their kids, or pictures from their vacation on facebook with you. And how many share pictures of just their ears, with the caption – look at this beautiful ear?

None is the answer. Why not? For the same reason people don’t send around pictures of their big toe or their knees either. Ears aren’t the best feature of your or anyone else’s anatomy. And if that’s so, why would you use it as a logo to remind people about one of their less-attractive features?

What’s a better way to spend your time than worrying about your logo?

1. Start by defining your values, what you believe in, what you want to be know for.

2. Make sure everyone on your team understands your patients’ biggest concerns, their goals and aspirations that relate to the services you provide.

3. Create training and performance review processes that ensure that you and every member of your staff demonstrate your practice’s values every day.

4. Use design to create memorable, easy to read and helpful marketing materials and educational guides that bring your values to life.

If you do this, create alignment of your team and your content, patients will remember how you helped them and logos won’t matter. If you don’t, even the cutest or best looking logo won’t help you.

What’s the best way to grow your practice?

Successful audiology and hearing aid practices owners are typically good at allocating resources to grow their practices. And time is one of the most valuable and limited resources you have.

You tell me, what’s the best way to grow your practice…worrying about your logo, which hardly anyone will remember, or providing a memorable experience for patients, one they’ll rave about to everyone they know?

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