How To Sell 4 Times As Many Hearing Aids

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Here’s a fact about your practice you probably know…

For each patient who willingly walks in the door and you see, there are three more who could use your services who never call.

Yes, for every patient you fit with a pair of hearing aids, according to Curtis Alcock, there are three more people who know they have a hearing problem but aren’t doing anything about it.

Think about it. If you could get one more of these people who are getting left behind into your practice for each one you see, you’d double your practice. Get two more patients and you’d see even more growth.

They are there, ready to be counseled and sold, and only one thing is standing in your way…

Any idea?

It’s their attitude.

They think hearing aids are going to make them look or sound dumb. That’s it.

Which as you know, is the furthest thing from the truth. People using hearing aids get more involved socially, are more interesting to be around, and I’ve been told, report having more fun in the bedroom, too.

“People are not born with a negative attitude towards hearing aids, it’s learned and can be unlearned.” – Curtis Alcock

Want to know how to flip the switch and change that old, outmoded attitude that hearing aids are ugly and make people look dumb?

Do something about it today!

Discover how to re-frame your messaging to shape the attitudes you want prospects and patients to have.

Messaging is the catalyst to shaping attitudes and lighting a fire under your sales. Don’t let it hold you back.

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