How This Practice Outpaced Their Pre-COVID Revenue in Just 7 Months

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How do you prepare for the unexpected?

Yes, it’s true, the last 18 months have taken us all by surprise.

Yet while some people constantly ask, “When will it end?” Others have already discovered how to make it work no matter what gets thrown their way.

Take Joan who had 3 practices in hard-hit Michigan. While two had to close temporarily during a surge, they still managed to come out on top.

Joan realized a fundamental truth.

Even in a pandemic, people need hearing aids

Some people retreat when the going gets rough. They pull back on their marketing like a turtle retreats into its shell.

Others look for ways to make it work and recognize setbacks as the opportunities they really are.

Through innovative services, such as drop-off repairs, and drive-up fittings, many practices worked around local restrictions to meet the needs of their patients.

And truly strategic practices kept their marketing going.

Marketing is one of the few reliable ways to get new patients in the door

By partnering with their manufacturer and capitalizing on a pay-per-click campaign, Joan was able to blow away their pre-pandemic sales.

They saw:

  • 85% more patients visiting their website.
  • New patient calls increased by a third.
  • Sales from just the first 8 months beat out total revenue from 2019.

Want to know what else they did to turn things around? Let’s talk