4 Ways to Improve Your Audiology Customer Service

Rating of excellent! in a patient satisfaction survey

Studies have shown that it can cost $250-$300 in audiology marketing expenditures to bring a new patient through your doors.  That’s a pretty hefty investment, so the utmost care should be taken to ensure your marketing investment reaps long term benefits for your business.

Jeannette Hait, owner and manager of Hearing Aid HealthCare in Palm Desert, CA and a MedPB.com client, is doing everything she can to KEEP those patients she has invested so much money in.  What’s the secret to her success?  Jeanette shares her techniques below:

  1. We have taken Kevin’s lead and have begun sending out online greeting cards. An online greeting card service makes it easy for our staff members to follow up and send the right message…at the right time… without having to run out to the store to purchase a card.   We can even include a gift card as a special gift when appropriate.
  2. We have re-designed our audiology website to make it easier to navigate while giving it a fresher look.  We hope to use it as an educational resource for our current patients as well as potential new ones.
  3. We have become more organized to our efforts to communicate and now use Infusionsoft to e-mail our monthly newsletter.<
  4. We have  implemented follow-up sequences, both in e-mail format and in letter format, for the following tasks:
    • Thank you note to new patients for their purchase with an overview of what they should expect going forward
    • TNS follow-up sequence to stay in front of those who have not yet purchased. We offer Q&A information, videos that are relevant to their situation and encourage them to reach out again for more information.
    • When we send out the Consumer Guide to Hearing Aids, we now have a multi-step process to follow-up with the recipient instead of making just one phone call!
    • We have a Birthday card that goes out to everyone on our mailing list with an invitation to come in to pick-up their birthday gift from our office.  We have a basket of gifts wrapped and they can choose a special gift.
    • We made arrangements with a local florist to send flowers for special occasions, referrals, etc.
    • We are in the process of creating a letter that includes a certificate for a car wash or a meal at local restaurant.  (We are making arrangements with local merchants to reimburse should someone bring the certificate in.  That way we don’t have to pre-pay for unused certificates).  This will increase our Business-to-Business relationships.  The certificate has the patient’s name mail merged onto it, so we know “who” used the gift and can make a note in their record.

When asked how her staff has accepted these changes, Jeannette stated, “I am proud of the fact that our staff is on-board with providing our clientele with the highest level of customer service that we can offer.  I’ve empowered them to make the patient experience an exceptional one.  Since they have the tools necessary to make the right decision for each patient/prospect, the results have been very positive from everyone. Our goal is to increase our level of communication to inspire our clientele to TALK about us more to their friends and family. We are providing CUSTOMER SERVICE ON STEROIDS to see how much we can increase our referral base.”

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