The Big Audiology Online Marketing Mistake

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Why are most audiology and hearing aid practice’s websites a big waste of time and money?

It’s a fundamental problem with style!

No, I’m not talking about wearing plaid pants with a striped shirt or even wearing your white coat over pajamas.

This one is fatal to your practice.

Let me explain…

The purpose of your website is to attract patients, to get them calling your practice and scheduling an appointment. Right?

So here’s the mistake your web designer made.

In marketing, there are two basic styles, or approaches.

The one you have the most exposure to, the one that Microsoft, Coke, Ford, and all the big corporations use, is called Branding. Branding is used over time to educate your prospects, to build an image of your corporation, and influence the future behavior of the customer, or in your case, the patient.

No doubt, branding works if you have a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars to spend each year. It works if you have years to build your brand and want to influence the “future” behavior of patients.

But it’s the WRONG approach, the wrong style to use for marketing most audiology and hearing aid practices.

Sure, the hearing aid manufacturers are using a branding style of marketing to build their brand name, but unless you’re marketing nationally and have the budget they have, it’s a mistake.

The marketing style or approach that works for audiology and hearing aid practices is “Direct-Response” marketing.

Direct-response marketing is designed to, well, to get a response, to prompt action on the part of patients. Which is what you want your website to do, get patients calling you!

What’s branding good for?

• selling products in the future
• creating awareness
• increasing future revenue
• measured by dollars spent
• company or product is the subject

What’s direct response marketing good for?

• getting patients to take action – right away
• creating immediate leads
• generating immediate revenue
• measured in dollars made
• patient benefits are the focus

But here’s the big problem!

When you want to build a website to grow your practice, 99.9% of all web designers and so called marketing firms only know how to build sites to help with your branding. And these sites may look nice, and sometime in the next millennium they may generate sales, but today, this year, they won’t do much of anything for you or your income.

Up to you.

Want a Branded style of website or do you want one that actually gets results, gets patients to respond, and gets your phone ringing…

We’ll ask you a few questions to see if your practice qualifies and then if it does, we’ll schedule time for you to talk with Kevin. And when you get on the phone with Kevin, he’ll ask you a few more questions about your practice and show you the fastest ways to increase your income.

And yes, if you need a better website, one that gets results, he’ll explain what to do about that, too.

One reason practically no one else builds direct response websites is they are a lot of work, coming up with the design and copy that actually works, versus just any old design.

Achieve more. Talk to us.