The Worst Audiology Marketing Mistake Ever

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Want to see your practice grow this year, to double your profits without doubling your hours at the office?

The simple answer is to manage your practice’s growth.

The potential of your practice is only limited by your vision, goals, location, and ability to delegate tasks to your staff.

But here is the HUGE mistake we see over 50% of practice owners making.

They pick the wrong tasks to delegate, risking the future of their practice.
Then to compound this mistake, they abdicate responsibility instead of delegating and following up to manage their staff.

Imagine you wanted a night off from cooking at your house and instead of ordering Chinese takeout you decide to have your two kids, ages 8 and 10, make dinner.

What would you do?

Option A. Just tell your kids to take care of it. No recipe, no help with grocery shopping, using the oven, nothing. E.g. abdicate responsibility and see what happens.

Option B. Ask your kids to cook dinner. Provide them with a recipe, ingredients for making a pizza (pre-made dough, jar of sauce, and shredded cheese, maybe even sliced pepperoni), and then supervise the process including putting it in the oven, cleaning up as they go, etc. E.g. delegate and manage.

Pick option A., and at best you’ll end up ordering takeout. Or you could end up with a huge mess to clean up. Pick option B., and pretty soon your kids will be cooking for you one night a week and you can take the night off.

But here is what we see over and over with audiology and hearing aid practices we work with. We see practice owners using option A., abdicating responsibility for their online marketing strategy to their front desk staff. Which is a mistake in so many ways, not to mention the mess you’ll need to cleanup.

To manage your practice effectively, you need to be clear about which decisions you need to be involved in – you know, the ones that affect your future and which ones someone else on your staff can probably do better than you.

Any tasks that involve the future of your practice, whether it’s your vision, your goals, or your marketing strategy, are ones you need to be directly involved in. Redundant tasks and minor decisions are ones you can delegate.

For example: Sure, your staff can pick the brand of toilet paper in your bathrooms, but you’re the one who determines your diagnostic processes, the brands and models of hearing aids you carry, and most importantly, you need to be involved in your marketing strategy.

While I’m sure you’ve hired the smartest and best front desk staff you can, and you may even be paying them $10-20 an hour, my question is – do you really want them making decisions about your online marketing that determine whether you attract new patients or scare them away with your website?

As the practice owner, you want to be making the million dollar decisions, not delegating or abdicating them to your front desk staff. Do so and you risk losing your practice.

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