The Key to More Hearing Aid Sales Is Simple: An Exclusive Interview with Ridge Sampson, Sycle

Man with laptop showing automation gears

What’s a quick and easy way to increase the number of hearing aids you sell?

“The more time an audiologist spends with their patient, the more their sales go up, and the more patients they are able to help,” says Sampson.

“At Sycle, as a company, the mission statement is very clear and it is to facilitate the delivery of better care into the world. They’re really the grease and the gears. So they try and take everything that they can automate in a practice to allow the audiologist to spend more time with the patients.”

How much can automation save a practice? Sampson points out that just one of their integrations saved a group of practices $78,000 a year. Other automations free up entire rooms allowing a practice to see more patients.

So what can you automate?

From booking the appointment to accepting patient forms electronically, to document storage, tax software, financing and credit card processing, and marketing there are dozens of possibilities. You can even automate how you ask for patient reviews.

“The reviews are critical,” says Sampson. “I mean, think about what you do as a consumer. You want to go and do something, the first thing you do is go to the web and check out their website. ‘Who are these guys? Oh, okay, they have reviews. Oh, okay, a lot of people like them. I’ll go.’”

“Sycle looks at all of these things that make the practice more efficient. And if you couple that with marketing services, like MedPB’s services, to make the marketing side more efficient, then you’re moving towards a practice of the future.” After all, he adds, “If I can add one more appointment a day, I can see one more patient a day. That’s massive over the long term. That’s a lot of patients that you can help.”


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