The Low Cost Way To Sell More Hearing Aids

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What do you do for fun?

I like to wind down at the end of the day by winding up on my bike. Going out for a quick 25 miles in rural Connecticut on the twisty roads bounded by stone walls.

I was out for a ride last week when my chain came off and there I was pedaling but not going anywhere, at least until I got my chain back on.

Bikes are one of the most efficient machines ever invented, translating effort into motion. They provide the equivalence in efficiency of a car getting 1,600 miles with a gallon of gas, which is why they are so much fun. A little effort and you can cover a lot of miles.

In marketing, a website is the equivalent of a bike. For a low cost relative to return, it can deliver more patients to your practice than almost any other type of audiology marketing, but…

98% of all audiology and hearing aid websites are like a bike with no chain. They look fine, but they don’t work, they don’t translate all the traffic you get into calls, appointments or sales. And in online marketing, if your website doesn’t convert, you’ll always be frustrated.

Yes, getting patients to your site is important, but what most web designers won’t tell you, is that the design of your site can make a big difference in the number of people who call you. And they won’t tell you for one simple reason – they don’t know what makes the difference.

And what a difference!

Based on the almost 200 sites we manage, some convert, e.g. generate three times as many calls as others, accounting for variances in traffic. Which means our top performing Audiology website designs are increasing our audiology and hearing aid practice’s sales by 300%.

Think about it. What would that do for your bank account?

Is your website like a bike with no chain?

Here’s how to tell:
If you look at the number of unique visitors to your website, ask yourself how many are picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment. If the answer is less than 20%, your site needs updating.

Or, if it’s more than 80%, like some of our sites, we’d like to hear from you because that’s more than 3 times what most sites do.

Either way, let us know the following 3 numbers:
# of unique visitors your site got last month
# of new patients that called
Your conversion rate

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