The One Thing That Increased Unit Sales For This Pennsylvania Practice

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Skeptical with good reason

With 25 years in audiology, the audiology practice owner had tried 4 different marketing firms. Firms that had turned up the pressure to sell him on marketing solutions that had pretty much fallen flat. Which left him, rightly so, feeling skeptical about whether any marketing firm could help his practice hit his goal of at least 6 more units sold per month.

Different from the start

While most marketing firms lead with high-pressure sales, what this PA practice owner experienced with MedPB was totally different. His MedPB advisor spent time getting to know him, his goals, his market, and the details about his practice before making a single recommendation.

Testing the waters

As a skeptic, instead of jumping in with both feet and signing up, he took a cautious approach and just started with a light version of MedPB’s marketing engine, which included MedPB’s Action Website, Online Review Builder, and monthly marketing planning calls. And he knows with SEO and PPC, he could be attracting even more new patients.

What happened to unit sales?

Within just a few months, this practice was generating 6 additional new sales per month. This translates into an additional $115,200 per year and an ROI of 16 to 1.
Of course, these numbers could get even better with the addition of SEO and PPC. But at MedPB, there is no pressure. You can test the waters to see what kind of results you get and then grow from there. In his words, MedPB is “worth every penny!”

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