What Jen Did To Attract 60 More New Patients Per Month

doctor talking to new patients

What’s holding your practice back?

Ever have a patient come to you who is struggling to hear only to discover they’d been sold a piece of junk or one that wasn’t programmed properly? It happens all the time.

How about your marketing?

How to avoid getting burned

Ever gotten bad advice or paid for marketing that cost thousands of dollars, and generated little in the way of new patient traffic? Unfortunately, Jen had been the victim of just plain old incompetence. The marketing firms and industry group she’d tried hadn’t gotten her website live in a timely manner nor had they understood her market so she could target it correctly.

How Jen found the right marketing partner

After talking to her hearing aid rep, she got a referral to MedPB. With no long-term contracts, she decided to start with a website and basic SEO.

Within months her calls were up from 20 new patients calling a month to 60 per month. Which is what, a 300% increase?

Can MedPB do the same for you?
Realistically that kind of growth isn’t the norm but obviously, it can happen. Typically practices that partner with MedPB don’t see a 300% increase in new patients but a 30% increase. Which would be what for your practice?

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