The Secret To The Ideal Audiology Practice

Two palm trees and a hammock on a beach

Just got back from another week with friends earlier this month in Costa Rica. I’m not bragging, I’m just showing you that it’s possible…

What’s the secret to living your ideal lifestyle, having a dream audiology or hearing aid practice and being stress, frustration, and worry free?

Isn’t that what you want?

We all start our businesses, our practices, with an enthusiasm, an energy and excitement that’s admirable. And then…

While this isn’t true for everyone, many audiology and hearing aid practitioners wake up one day finding themselves, overwhelmed and frustrated, working long days – which doesn’t sound like what you signed up for.

After consulting with thousands of audiology and hearing aid practice owners over the past 15 years, of many different ages, I noticed a few things they share in common.

Most start with the approach:

”Hey, I’ll get trained, start my practice. I’ll excel in providing hearing exams and hearing aids with great customer service. Then, simply because I work hard, long days and I am a great audiology or hearing aid practitioner, I’ll be very successful, wealthy and my patients will love me.”

“Then, WHEN my practice is incredibly successful, I’ll be able to spend
more time with my spouse, kids, travel, and enjoy my hobbies, etc.”

This is THE most common approach to becoming successful in the audiology business.

Except for one little detail. It rarely works out that way.

Don’t feel bad though…it’s not your fault. Most practices that follow this formula struggle, continue to work long hours, or even end up in bankruptcy. Following this formula eventually transforms your practice into a prison instead of a source of freedom.

But it doesn’t have to be that way….

Instead you could actually be living the lifestyle you want.  Talk to Us.

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